Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cover of the month (pt. 10) - Arise

It is already October 1 and time for cover nr #10? How time flies! For this month we decided to turn our headbanging heads towards South America and pay some damn homage to the genre we all know as thrash metal. There are hordes of amazing insane and violent bands from this continent, and time era for that matter, but there's one that probably comes to mind first of all to most people.

Sepultura is a band with a lot of different musical periods, but on 'Beneath The Remains' and 'Arise' we can all agree that it was thrash they were playing. And they were definitely playing it much better than most other bands during those years. Their music also contained that somewhat dystopic nerve, which was a bit more present compared to other contemporary bands. Maybe it had to do with the conditions in their homecountry. Only speculations. But we definitely think growing up in Belo Horizonte and Brazil have shaped their music, language and attitude.

'Arise' is a record that, at least I, often fall back on when I get tired of all the boring new bands trying to mimic the sound of 90's, as if it were something to strive for? Triggered drums revolution exploded, I found punk and my interest in thrash/metal/hard rock waned and disappeared for a few years. Thrash, as you know, is an subgenre of heavy metal characterized by its furious tempo and overall aggression, closely related to hardcore punk. And it's no secret that punk and hardcore music has been a great influence on Max Cavalera and Sepultura. You can often see him wearing shirts and patches with Discharge, G.B.H, Bad Brains, Doom...and so on. If you look really carefully you can also see that he's wearing a t-shirt with the band that we did a cover of last month in the official music video for Arise. Fate?

For the October cover we also talked about recording a song of Venom, Slayer, Onslaught and even Metallica (Kill 'em all). But all suggestions was rejected immediately, mainly because they have already been recorded, abused and used by millions of other bands before.
We'll admit that it was not all that easy for us learning Arise. However, it was no problem for Henke, since it's in his backyard that we play. But one thing is for sure, I do know now why I'm playing in punk bands and not thrash and (technical) metal. It sounds raw and intense, but damn that fucking hassle!

It's obvious that this project is reaching its end. It was apparent in the rehearsal room and the studio. Even as we sit here and write this story behind. A lack of commitment and that burning passion that we had on our very first cover. Quite honestly, it felt more like a necessary evil. Get us right, we've all had a hard and stressful month, and the fatigue takes its toll. But It's not noticeable to the end result. We gave everything, as we always do because once it comes, we are like programmed unstoppable robots. Haha.

This time we also want to extend a special thanks to the Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station for on a very few days short notice nailing the mixing/mastering. If it were not for him had this cover never come up in time.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

6x New D&R releases out now!

* KORSFÄST - Ingen ro för en..., 12" = 100sek (reg), 105sek (ltd).
500copies (400 black +100 beer) made. Listen HERE.

* TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER - Helvetespunk, 7" = 66sek.
666copies (all black) made. Listen HERE and HERE.

* ANATOMI -71 - Distansen tilltar, 12" = 90sek (reg), 100sek (ltd).
500copies (400 black +100 green/clear) made. Listen HERE.

* DAMAGED HEAD - Regler, regler EP, 7" = 40sek (reg), 45sek (ltd).
500copies (400 clear +100 black) made. Listen HERE.

* ABSOLUT - Hell's highest power, 12" = 100sek (reg), 105sek (ltd).
500copies (400 black +100 red) made. Listen HERE.

* PUNKEN LEVER, V/a (Sista Försöket, Sista Brytet, Staten Brinner) - Cassette = 40sek.
151copies made. Tour edition. Listen HERE.

Shipping will be added to all prices. First come, first served. Mail for further questions and please note that this is a DIY punk label so give us some time to respond. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Staten Brinner - Mitt är ditt

Taken from the upcoming 'Punk på Svenska' 7" on Luftslott Records. For more songs and further info Click-click.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fear of scarcity by Price of Silence

Price of Silence sharing side B of their debut 7", which is still available for 40sek + postage. P.O.S is currently working on new material. Exciting!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cover of the month (pt. 9) - Natsit ja kommunistit

I love Finland! Always have, always will. Even as a little kid Finland made a deep impression on me. My memory is failing with age, but still I do remember how my family and I took the ferry over to Vaasa for the very first time in the 80s. And there have been many trips to our neighbors across the sea over the years. On holiday(s) with my family and touring with various bands.

I only have great memories from my trips and tours in Finland. Like this time when I met a couple outside Vastavirta-klubi who claimed that they knew a guy who had killed a bear with only his two hands. Or like when it was so cold that the heating system in the car gave up and we had to scrape ice on the car windows from the inside. We sat in our sleeping bags on newspaper and cartons not to freeze to death.
Or like this time when I was called a teetotaler an early morning after a long after party, even though I drank non-stop for one day, only because I had to go to not miss a train. Or this crazy night in Oulu when the audience pogo danced only in their towels, even naked, because they had a sauna between bands. Haha.

We had three songs and suggestions to choose from; "Riistetyt - Mieletöntä väkivaltaa", "Tampere SS - Mitä..." and "Kaaos - Natsit ja kommunistit". All are fucking brutal songs, but in the end Kaaos is what I associate most with Finnish punk and the band that meant the most to me among the others mentioned above. Besides the aggressive language, it's something special about that primitive, yet raw sound. For all classic Finnish bands. Its chaotic, intense and totally out of control. They manage to capture that youthful anger and fuck-off-attitude in the best possible way. If I may say so myself, I think Henrik makes one of his strongest vocal efforts ever despite it being the first time he speaks and sings in Finnish.
Another record that I also have to mention is "Mellakka ‎- Ei..." which even today inspires me as much as when I bought it years ago. And of course, last but not least we have Terveet Kädet which I learned to appreciate more the older I get. Although I mainly influenced by records from the 80s, I must say that there are endless great active bands as well.

I was asked once, what I like best about Finland. My answer was short and came immediately with a question in return; "What isn't there to like?". With some more consideration I would say that the key, and what I like best, is the language, the Finnish vocabulary. But also the cold and hard social climate, which I believe is one of the cornerstones and reason to their strong history of great hardcore raw punk noise bands/records. The combination of their own native language, a bitter reality and a passion for hardcore punk are the best ingredients for a really good Finnish song. I don't only enjoy punk, but also mournful tango music sung in finnish and movies produced in Finland. Want to know more? Start with 'Olavi Virta' and 'Aki Kaurismäki'.

In the summer of 2014 we came in contact with a guy from Finland named Ville. He saw us play at K-town and wanted to do an interview with us for Pikakelauksellamaailmanloppuun-zine. Ever since we've been talking and joked about a possible 'Suomi Saatana' tour with Paranoid. We met him again when we played at Hässäkkä-Päivät earlier this year, a few weeks later we he mailed us "I would like to make that mini-tour for you seriously. Lets do it!".
Therefore it feels extra fun that the 'cover of the month' for September is a Finnish song given that we just got it confirmed that we will tour in Finland by the end of this year. See tour schedule below. Melu ei musiikki!!!

1.12 Turku, Kirjakahvila
2.12 Tampere, Vastavirta-klubi
3.12 Helsinki, Oranssi
4.12 Lappeenranta, Lucky Monkeys-bar  
5.12 Kouvola, Bar Downtown
6.12 Oulu, Tukikohta

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

偏執症者 Eur. press MLP + T-shirt + Satyagraha cassette version.

From left to right:
* Destroy Future Less System - 12", European press (100x oxblood, 400x black) = 100sek
* Unholy... T-shirts available in S, M, L = 100sek
* Satyagraha - Cassette, released by Lockyard = 40sek

The LP version of 'Satyagraha' will be out in September. Place all your orders on the stuff above at:

Cover of the month (pt. 8) - Skallra för döden

The story behind will have to wait. I've been on vacation for the past two weeks and just got back today after +11h drive from Hygget. Next up, my own bed.