Friday, September 26, 2014

Stödspelning i Borlänge 27/9, UPPDATERING (in swedish)

Fler band har tillkommit och affischen har ändrat karaktär. Ni kan fortfarande läsa mer om arret HÄR. Vill man istället ha rörliga bilder kan man kolla in när Livet Som Insats rensar och glänser i DT.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

National Sex tv + CVLT Dwarf streaming

Sex Dwarf on Swedish tv today. Pretty f-cking hilarious. CVLT Nation also streaming the Lp now. We still have both versions in stock!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Urbanoia - Psykisk Terror 7" = OUT NOW!

Oslo's finest, URBANOIA, gives you straight up hardcore the way it was meant to be. Listen for yourself. Split release by D&R and Solar Funeral (US).
As usual
, it is always at least two versions. Black = regular. Green = limited. Same price
regardless which one you pick. 40sek + postage.

UPDATE: ALL the ltd green vinyls are sold out, but i hope we will get more in not so distant future. But we cant tell when, it could be in one week or one month...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vi är inte död än...

ELECTRIC "E-bay" FUNERAL benefit LDT t-shirts for sale NOW!

"Jocke from D-takt & Råpunk Records survived the flood in august, but his distro got really damaged. Thats why I suggested to him that I would print some exclusive Electric Funeral and all the money from the auctions will go to him to try and keep his label going. This is a collaboration between my DIY screenprinting distro HDGS I have at home and Vägen ut! which is my real job. They sponsered me with seven shirts and screenframes for free. So let´s bid up these shirts. Remember its only seven ones for sale. They will not be printed (n)ever again. Jocke has been keeping his label for seven years, and lets all hope it will at least be seven more years (or more).
For further questions mail me at:

Up the fucking punx!! Up the nature!! Support diy or fucking die!!!

Here are the auctions + sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL, XXXL. The opening bid is $25. Pick your size and start the bidding.

Early next week I will get a bunch of black backpatches with the very same print of both the front and the backside designs. I will sell these for 20sek/each + postage.

Friday, September 19, 2014

SEX DWARF 12" out now!

The queues on vinyl pressing plants are crazy these days, to print a record now takes twice as long as for just six months ago. Fucking hypes! With that said, the long awaited SEX DWARF 12" is finally here.
European version on D&R while my brother from another mother is releasing the US version. The only difference is that european cover is green, while the US is red. There is a limited edition, go figure. I'll update this post with some pictures asap. No time for that right now I'm affraid.

 Sex Dwarf - Non-stop erotic... = 115sek (limited edition) + postage.

Sex Dwarf - Non-stop erotic... = 90sek (regular) + postage.

I'm still behind with everything since I got back to my regular work three weeks ago. Flood-updates, answering mails/orders, private life etc... Have patience, I'll answer each and everyone ASAP. Have a nice weekend.

Soundtrack: Allan Edwall - Visst är det bättre men int' är det bra

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Support/help/cheer up kits, part 3

My norwegian friend Atle/Mörkt Kapittel sent me a box with new/old flyers and a bunch of vinyls. Mörkt Kapittel - Gro igjen - 12" = 80sek. Agenda/Mörkt Kapittel - Split 7" = 35sek.

Juyoung, Seoul d-beat noise mob, sent me a awesome Scumraid snack-pack with chopsticks and extra goodies. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our hand of help - Benefit show, St. Petersburg 27/9

For further info, click HERE.

Benefit show, Potsdam

I just found out that there was a benefit show in Potsdam, Germany this last friday. Great thanks to Franzi, the bands that played, everyone that showed up and to the Black Fleck! If I only knew I would have posted this earlier. Haha.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Up the fucking punx! Limited E.F. benefit shirts.

This shirt design has been printed exclusively for the benefit of D&R. The backside photo is from my private photobook, taken on my last hike. The t-shirts are available in a very limited edition and will hopefully be auctioned on e-bay within a week, or sooner. I will post a link to the auctions as soon as they are up and running. HGDS did not only print the shirts, but they kindley made a few extra back- patches with the front design that we will sell via this blog as well. Up the nature, up the fucking punx!

Soundtrack: Deathraid