Thursday, July 1, 2021

Anti-Metafor teaser video

First teaser from the upcoming Anti-metafor's debut 12" entitled "Kommuniké". Out in July!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

PRICE SLASHER summer slaughter!!

The sale runs until the end of June!

Anti-Metafor - S/t, 7"
Blinded Humanity - Mind control, 7"
Damaged Head – Regler, regler, 7”
Kvoteringen - Storfinansen, 7"
Löss - S/t, 7"
Misiliski - Kioku no kage E.P., 7"
Misiliski - Maboroshi, 7"
Mob 47 - Dom ljuger igen, 7"
Price Of Silence - They aim..., 7"
Sex Dwarf - Sensou hantai, 7"
Makabert Fynd/Tortyr, Split 7" = 40sek
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Helvetespunk, 7” = 55sek
Zyanose - スピロヘータ Demo EP, 7" = 60sek
Zyanose - Crossing EP, 7"
Zyanose - Loveless, 7"
Zyanose - Chaos bender, 7"


Price Of Silence - Architecture.., 12"
Tristess - Hardcore demos, 12"
Kafka - 8 Track LP, 12"
Effluxus - Life destruktion, 12"
Svaveldioxid - Dödsögonblick, 12"
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Skellefteå Hardcore 2000-2009, 12″
Martyrdöd - Elddop, 12"
Martyrdöd - List, 12"
Zyanose - Total end of existence, 12"
S.L.A.R.V. - Skitsmak i munnen..., 12"
Sex Dwarf - Bara mörker, 12"
Korsfäst - Ingen ro för en sliten själ, 12”
Korsfäst - Skarpt läge, 12"
Anatomi-71 - Distansen tilltar, 12”
Anatomi-71 - Människor som medel, 12"
Extended Hell - Mortal wound, 12"
Moderat Likvidation - Mammutation, 12"

Zyanose - 2005-2011, Box set 4x7"
Zyanose - 2005-2011, Box set 4x7" (test pressings)

Misiliski - Tsuioku no shigre, Cassette
Electric Funeral- Total E.F., 3x CASS BOX (reg/ltd)

Moderat Likvidation - Mammutation, CD
Skitliv! - V/a, 2xCD
Tortyr - Ingen kommer undan, CD


Languid - Oblivion EP, 7" = 65sek
Warchild - Haunting images..., 12" = 135sek
Exploatör - S/t, 12" = 135sek
Lái 来 - Pontianak, 12" (reg) = 135sek
Bombanfall - Åsiktsfrihet, 7" (repress, red vinyl) = 85sek
Sex Dwarf - March of the Sex Dwarf, Flexi = 75sek
Nervous SS - Future extinction, 12" = 105sek

Helvetesboxen, box set = 1150sek
20 Bortkastade år, Tote bag = 40sek
Nu köttar vi..., T-shirt (S, M) = 100sek
Söndra & Härska, T-shirt (S) = 100sek
Industri betong..., T-shirt (S, M) = 100sek
Helvetespunk, Longsleeve (S) = 200sek
Kall Värld, Zip-hood (S) = 300sek
Logo, Patch = 10sek
Logo, Metal pin = 65sek
Badge set w/ sticker = 40sek
Ice scraper = 40sek
Photo fanzine, A4 size = 50sek

Plus shipping! With tracking costs extra, ask for it. Mail your orders/questions to:

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Merch mania (T-shirts, Longsleeves, Hoods...)


T-SHIRTS (145sek + shipping):
Accused, The (L)
Adolescents (M)
At The Gates (M, L)
Amon Amarth (L, XL)
Amebix (L)
Anti-Cimex (M)
Atrocious Madness (S)
Avskum (L)
Axegrinder (M)
Black Flag (M, L)
Blitz (M)
Behemoth - Demonica (L)
Bloodbath (L)
Circle Jerks (L)
Corrosion Of Conformity (M)
Crass (M)
Cro-Mags (M)
Crucifix (M)
Dead Kennedys (M, L)
Death Side (M, L)
Discharge - Hear nothing (XL)
Discharge - Victims (M, L)
Disclose (S)
Disrupt (M)
D.R.I. (S)
D.S.-13 (M)
Gloom – Vokusatsu Seisin… (M, L)
Gloom - Recomendation (L)
Ghost (S)
Gorilla Biscuits (M, L)
Hate Eternal - Fury & flames (XL)
Hellhammer (M, L, XL)
His Hero Is Gone - Beware (L)
Inepsy (M)
Jerry's Kids (M)
Joy Division (S)
Kaaos (S, M)
Killing Joke (M)
Kuro (M)
Minor Threat (M, L)
Municipal Waste - Hazardous mutation (M)
Nasum (M, XL)
Nihilist (M, XL)
Nuclear Death Terror (S)
Possessed - Only death... (M)
Slayer - Eagle (L)
Swedish Death Metal - book cover (S)
Sonic Youth (M, L)
State Of Fear (S)
Totalitär - Vi är eliten (M, L)
Tragedy (M)
Verbal Abuse (M)
Victims (S)
Wolfbrigade - Eye (M)
Wolfbrigade - Prey to the world (S)
Wretched (L, XL)
Zouo (L)

Asile - Kichesippi toxique (M) = 50sek
Dissekerad (S) = 80sek
Dödsdömd - Bird logo (S) = 100sek
Dödsdömd - Protest (S, M) = 100sek
Morne (light brown, M) = 50sek
Mardröm - Deras profit... (S) = 75sek
Nuclear Power Genocide (S, L, XL) = 90sek
Our Bleeding Empire (M) = 50sek
Thräshers (S) = 50sek
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Logo, T-shirt (S) = 125sek
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Nu köttar vi..., T-shirt (S, M) = 100sek
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Söndra & Härska, T-shirt (S) = 100sek
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Industri betong..., T-shirt (S, M) = 100sek
Visions Of War - 10 years... (M) = 50sek
Warcry - Instinctual... (S) = 125sek
Warvictims - When there's no... (S) = 75sek
Zyanose (S, M, L) = 90sek

LONGSLEEVES (225sek + shipping):
Anti-Cimex (XL)
Disclose (S)
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Helvetespunk (S)

HOODS (325sek + shipping):
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Kall Värld, Zip-hood (S)
Warvictims, Hood (S, M, XL)


We mainly have one of each size, so it's 'first come first served' deal. No holds. Will try update with photos on more shirts...

Sunday, December 6, 2020

A glimpse of 2021

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a really shitty year. 2021 looks brighter, at least when it comes to hardcore punk. Pretty pumped about our upcoming releases, to say the least. Thanks to everyone who's been patient and shown understanding in recent months. We're not Sony BMG with employees taking over when life comes in between. We still operate in a true DIY spirit out of dedication and passion for punk. More info will follow asap. No pre-orders just yet!

Friday, September 25, 2020

偏執症者 (Paranoid) - Out Raising Hell, 12" OUT NOW!

* 偏執症者 (Paranoid) - Out Raising Hell, 12" = SOLD OUT!

10 new tracks of primitive earslaughter. Whilst obviously staying loyal to the rawpunk/hardcore basis as always, the old school heavy metal influences have constantly been a very important component for
偏執症者 (Paranoid)
over the years. 'Out Raising Hell' is an album that really lets those influences shine on through more than ever before.
What really differs most with this album is that it was a panel of 20 people from all over the world pre-listened to all 15 songs recorded. They got to vote for their ten favorites, which ended up on this album. Mixed by Joel Grind and mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door. Cover artwork by Anton Atanasov.

650 total press. All 180 gram black vinyl. 4mm spine jacket and printed inner sleeve. Co-release with Konton Crasher (US). Listen to the full album HERE!

NOTE, all orders:

Don't miss out on the 'Out Raising Hell - Outtakes', Maxi 12". Only available via

偏執症者 (Paranoid) - 晦冥勢力 (Kaimei Seiryoku) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Friday, August 28, 2020

LÁI 来 - Pontianak, 12" - OUT NOW!

 *  LÁI 来 - Pontianak, 12" (reg) = 135sek
This is the debut album with this Melbourne, Australia based band. An absolute ferocious and menacing fusion of raging swedish d-beat and manic old school hardcore punk. The name of the band is taken from a Chinese Mandarin phrase meaning 'to come/next.' and Lái invoke these diasporic identities and themes through punk, mixing ideas and personal experiences that often inter-connect but also continue to conflict in the world around us.
550 total press (110 red vinyl). Including a 16-page booklet with lyrics, artwork and song explanations + MP3 download code. Co-release with Ruin Nation Records (Germany) and Lost In Fog (Australia). Distros/labels get in touch for w/s. Listen HERE!

UPDATE: limited version is SOLD OUT!

Friday, August 14, 2020

LÁI 来 - PONTIANAK preorders

LÁI 来  - PONTIANAK preorders are live now! Release date August 28th, 2020.

Mail us at to preorder on red (limited edition) or black vinyl.

Listen at

Monday, June 1, 2020

Misiliski, Scarecrow and Bombanfall repress - OUT NOW!

* SCARECROW - Revenge E.P., 7" = 75sek/85sek (Reg/Ltd)
350 total press (100 transp-magenta). The best US hardcore band/7" I've heard in a while. When it comes to this "Swedish influenced" styled hardcore (mangel) there is no one, in recent years, who does it better and more justice than the americans. They have refined and developed the Swedish heritage and turned it into their own sound. A brilliant display of riffs, pure brutality and ferocious speed. European version, originally released by Bunker Punks (US). Mängel up your ass!

* MISILISKI - Maboroshi, 7" = 75sek/85sek (Reg/Ltd)
350 total press (100 turquoise). Misiliski from Tokyo, Japan, has that genuine punk attitude but at the same time the melodies that characterize a great pop band. It's easy to stare yourself blind on the members history and expecting hardcore punk blasting from the speakers. Think again, what you'll get is modern and fresh '77 suburban punk sound akin to The Vicious, Avengers, Adolescents and similar. This is their third 7" EP. 4 songs. We also have their debut 7" in stock, for those who missed out.

* BOMBANFALL - Åsiktsfrihet, 7" = 85sek 500 total press (red vinyl). Back in stock! Highly influential Swedish classic from 1987. 6 tracks of dark and punishing hardcore punk from a time when no other bands had the same unique sound. Restored from original release by Lanchy and Kenko/Communichaos Media Clay Station.