Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Falun rock city - gigtips (in swedish)

Kronofogden och Utanförskapet slår sina kloka riff ihop. Båda banden är högaktuella med nya svarta/vita vinylkakor. Föredrar ni levande musik och svett framför en stereorack så är det bara att bege sig till Falun den 8 dec. Kul som fan att Falun börjar visa framfötterna när det kommer till gigs. Mer sånt, och det vet jag att det kommer bli för jag har hört rykten om vad som nalkas i framtiden...

Soundtrack: Mattias Alkberg - Fyllskalle

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Up next, sweden's finest: Parasit and Martyrdöd. 100x LTD colored vinyl with embroidered patch only available via D&R mailorder!

UPDATE: As the banner on the flyer says "OUT ON D&R DEC/JAN", which means neither Parasit nor Martyrdöd are released yet since it's still november. No offense, but don't you know how to read? Haha. =) My guess is that we will rather have em in stock mid january than in december. Already got a bunch of pre-orders, so...I guess pre-orders are welcome. I'll keep you all posted for sure when it's getting closer.

Since Parasit are
a bunch of generous punks they've just uploaded yet another sample, "Infantil", from the upcoming 12" for your enjoyment right here.

BTW; Utanförskapet's 12" is finally out! If it weren't for that I already had so many new releases scheduled and no cash flow you might have seen a d&r logo on the back cover too. Support Fight Back and Rawby and buy this awesome release.
You will not regret it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Last days here

If you don't have any special plans for the weekend, I can heartily recommend "Last Days Here". A documentary about Bobby Liebling, lead singer of Pentagram. Totally worth seeing!
I myself will leave the city noise behind me and going out of reach into the wilderness howling with the wolves. And on Sunday I will introduce two new D&R releases, so stay tuned for more rock n roll.

Soundtrack: Honnör SS - 6 track EP.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Painajainen Olohuoneessa!!!!?

Working on future projects to come and listen to some old classic hardcore punk. Why don't bands make songs like "Painajainen Olohuoneessa" anymore? Not to mention the bridge to the last chorus in the other song. Watch n' learn!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ltd warre "tour" shirts leftovers for sale

We got a few b/w Warvictims t-shirts, with backprint, left after the three shows in Germany if anyone is interested in buying. 100sek/each + postage. S, M, L available. Some of the sizes we have only one left of. This design was only made for these shows and will never ever be back in stock again.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Danke schön meine damen und herren!

Then I was back to reality. Before we went I was completely convinced that I would die on this short tour. For real. Despite some mishaps, we managed to actually perform three gigs, something I never thought would happen only three months ago. But now it's done. I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made ​​this possible and helped us along the way; Toda, Anja, Eric (E.C.D), Talla, Benny, Sven, Liwi crew (Leipzig), Jens + Eckladen crew (Dresden), Köpi crew (Berlin) and last but not least, to all of you who traveled from all corners of Europe to join us in our journey and at our shows. It is difficult to describe in words our gratitude for your support. Thank you all for giving us a second chance, it means alot! Maybe we'll meet again in the future...

As always am drowning in mails after a few days absence. I'll take care of each and every one as soon as I have the time and energy. Be patient!

Soundtrack: last episode of Annihilation Radio.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 Thur. 8/11 - Leipzig, Liwi

Fri. 9/11 - Dresden, Diy-Eckladen

Sat. 10/11 - Berlin, Köpi

D&R will not bring any of our releases due lack of space. And I will not be able to answer your mails in a week. Relax and enjoy life instead. For further info; click here or ask your friends or google your lazy ass punk! If you scream high and loud we might play you a Dischange or Disclose cover. See you all in the gutter! Fuck off nu kör vi.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Countdown: 7 days to total WAR(victims)

Guess that most of you already know that we will do our very first (and maybe last) shows in Germany with Warvictims next week. So if you're into classic 90's käng style I suggest you to come and veva kängnäve with us. This is your chance! Great thanks to Toda who didn't gave up on us but instead gave us a second chance. Prost.