Friday, October 31, 2014

Time-out = Label/shop closed!

I will be closing the label/shop throughout November to regain some strength and energy. Most records are still in boxes (in some disorganized chaotic order) after the flood, and I have real problems finding time to go through everything. Not to mention all the other work that comes with running a label. I mean its been almost three month now. All orders to this date will obviously be continued until completion. I feel like an asshole when people have to wait up to 2-4weeks to get a response to an email/order. I think this is the best for everyone, me included.

The support worldwide have been enormous and I'm speechless for all the help and all the efforts people have made so far. It's because of you that D-takt & Råpunk will survive! I have no idea how I'll be able to really show you all my appreciation. Tack som fan! I will give you an updated version of the situation as soon as possible.

Observe! This does NOT mean that I will close the label for good. I have two new releases at the pressing plant as we speak and more projects in the loop and while waiting for them I might as well try catching up on everything and get started with an inventory in the warehouse. Which should have been done over two month ago.

A new mailorder zine (#10) is in the making and it will be out early december just in time as we're re-opening the shop. Lots of goodies + sales will be included. Free with orders, not for sale! A friend of mine has also designed an exclusive t-shirt printing (see above) for the benefit of the label and hopefully we will start selling these in december too. We have many plans, just wait and see!

I forbid no one to email me, but just be aware that it may take a while to get a response. If I'm having a good day you may get an answer the same day. You never know. Smell ya later.

Soundtrack: The Valves - for Adolf's only

Sex Dwarf noisying up USA!

Friday, October 24, 2014

偏執症者 cassette version OUT NOW!

The cassette version of the sold out Paranoid 7" 'Destroy Future Less System' EP on Konton Crasher is out now on Voice From Inside Tapes. Roma did a great job with the re-issue of the first Electric Funeral demo so I gladly worked with him again. We will get a few copies but for fastest and cheapest way to get hold of a copy of this tape is to mail VFIT directly.

"The insane sound combines the best traditions of Swedish d-beat käng hardcore and Japanese loud raw punk!"

Monday, October 20, 2014

Life to everyone!!! (in swedish)

Man är ju inte direkt bortskämd med live-kvalle från Japan här i Sverige, speciellt inte norr om Stockholm. Men om knappt en månad så landar Life på Umeå's flygplats för att göra en och endast en Sverige spelning på deras Europasväng. Fatta lajjert! Snoka vidare genom ett enkelt musklick. Arr: Verket. Vi ses där då.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Death to everyone!!!

Northern Tyrant was actually one of the very first, alongside the massive financial support, who went from words to action when it comes to help D&R. Together with Tryckexpressen and Obsessed By Cruelty they did and printed this exclusive t-shirt/sweatshirt design.
A funny
anecdote was that when N.T. first said they had a Death design in mind, I thought immediately of "...for the whole world to see" Death. 
But Death as Death, it's the thought that counts. I got the "Scream Bloody Gore" LP album for Christmas around 92-93 from my uncle and my mom hated him for that. Haha. He is no longer with us today, but this one goes out to him! Top-notch print. Great thanks to everyone who bought a shirt and supported this project.

Benefit show, Bristol, UK

Mr. Flash (Bastard Squad Collective) decided to make a benefit show in Bristol. "Still looking for a couple more bands, will send you updated flyer if / when more bands join...Hope things are looking a bit better at ur end....."

Read more about the event HERE.

Support/help/cheer up kits, part 4

David, you crazy son of a... First he sent me this unique and exclusive original photo of Quorthon from his promotion tour in Portugal. But he thought that wasn't enough so he sent me a bunch of rad-ass heavy metal music (and this Motor patch) as well.

Alex Päivät sent me a bunch of zines. The best way to spend your time at sleepless nights. Cheers!

Me and Mirek von Phobia go way back to the 90's and he's one among others that has supported me for several years, in so many ways. He sent me this box filled with vinyls, t-shirts and patches. Shirts = 80sek/each. LP = 80sek. 7" = 35sek. Patches = 5sek. Plus postage. Great thanks!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Cult of Friday

I will try my best to catch up with all the emails and orders this weekend. Time is just passing me by...