Saturday, July 23, 2016

偏執症者 (Paranoid), new song/video with tour footage

Summertime and vacation, I am even less active online. Sorry about that. I have atleast got little done, check the video above. Only one week left until we do live premiere in our hometown at Storsjöyran.

Friday, July 1, 2016

J.M.D USA/CAD tour, the aftermath

We are the road crew
Hooray for the USA!
Doing Hollywood tourist style
Absolut rip it up in Bakersfield
Spent a night at a mansion w/ Ssyndröm
Between Oakland and Portland, felt like home
Radiation Records (Anaheim, CA) took all our money
Chris very tired after a hard day at "work"
Totem poles at Royal BC museum, Victoria (Canada)
The Canadians were often very tired for some reason...
As always, great fucking thanks to all promotors/venues, everyone who gave us support/food/shelter plus all amazing bands we played with. Last but absolutely not least big up's to the crazy funny nerds in ABSOLUT + Trevor (the solid tour driver). We had a total blast and I/we miss you like hell! Europe up next.

We have some tour leftovers (like shirts, screenprinted poster, beer koozie etc...) if anyone is interested. Mail at and ask for full list. Absolut/Paranoid split 12" reissue also available.