Tuesday, October 25, 2016

D&R hq's soundtrack for the past week(s). We're not dead, we just listen to punk!

Released a brilliant demo earlier this year. The EP does not make you disappointed either. Total Mangel.

They totally blow my mind with their sound when I saw them live two nights in a row. Give me more! LP next/soon?

JÆNG is a band that I have found in recent days. One of the best bands I've heard in a long time.

Bands who worship Disclose as much as me, if not even more, can not be bad. Loud-Raw-Assault!

Q: Finland early 80s? A: No, Oakland's finest 2016. Released a 4-track 7" like six month ago that's definitely worth checking out.

A band gone a bit under the radar the past year, at least in Europe. Intense, raw and vicious L.A. hardcore punk.

Always! Few bands manage to make such a complete album.

USA, the strongest scene and the best bands in 2016? If you ask me I would undoubtedly say hell yes.