Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Latest Hardcore Survives release in stock:
* MAUSER/D-CLONE/FOLKEIIS - 3way split 7" ep

60sek + postage.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's get this friday started with Jealous Cowards!

My longtime friends Petter & Stoffe (ex. Dëünga) have this new band called Jealous Cowards that I think you should check out. Except great garage punk/hardcore to the max, the 12" also includes rad guest vocals, Driller Killers "Food for worms" and classic c&p layout.

You have to be trve HC to buy their record/merch. This is an extract from our email exchange when I tried to order (sorry, only in swe).
D&R: jag skulle vilja köpa en 12". pris ink. frakt?
JC: glöm du sågade poison idea

Två dagar senare så fick jag trots allt ett gött paket i postboxen.

PKPK spelning i götet fre. 2 mars

For further info: Pahaa Verta, Valjakkala, PKPK

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Giftgasattack in Swedish Big Brother

Say what you want about Big Brother, but one of the participants in this year's edition has at least good taste. Thanks to E for the photo!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Am slowly catching up

Still a few more unanswered e-mails to take care of. Thanks for your patience! Anyone have the two first THE BOYS 12" for sale? Mail me!

Live in the Malmö area? Don't miss the "Rå punk på Rex" show with Infernöh, Kylmä Sota and Crutches.

UPDATE: Change of venue!!! Stpln - Stapelbädden, Stapelbäddsgatan, 21119 Malmö, Sweden. But to get in you have to send your NAME, SOCIAL SECURITY NR & ADRESS to framework(a)skitsystem.com. (Info will NOT be forwarded to anyone).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Desperat in the studio again

This last week I barely had time to wipe my own ass. It ended with two intense days in the studio with Desperat. Nine new demo recording songs. The studio is booked "for real" next month. Thanks to everyone who came and support us at the show friday night.
To everyone who mailed me the past few days, I will answer all of you within 1-3 days, be patient.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dancing awat at By:Larm

If you live in Norway and have no plans for tonight, Grande Roses is playing at By:Larm (Oslo).
The video above is dedicated all bass players, I myself am a bass player, so I appreciate the thought. A matter a fact the exact same bass player in the music video is the very same guy who I played with in various punk and hardcore bands/projects from the mid 90's and for many years ahead. It was also he who taught me how to play bass from the very beginning. He was a good teacher, but I had no patience to put myself into the string skills, notes etc. Because of this I'll play at a local club in a cramped basement tonight while he's rocking the big stages at a festival abroad. Haha. Who complains? Not me. See you tonight at Storsjöteatern.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

MASSGRAV are still the kings!

It's quick turns in the punk scene. I met Ola/Massgrav for the first time in Stockholm when we played with Desperat at Grundbulten. I have always loved Massgrav's mangel tracks, but also the fact that they just don't give a fuck! My first contact with Massgrav was like 10 years ago when 138 gave me a cd-r with 8 tracks. I have asked the band before if I could release anything with em, until today they left me nothing but empty handed.

Two weeks ago they entered Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Sunday Morning Einsteins, Funeral Mist + more...), once again with mr Tore Stjerna behind the levers. The result is 19 tracks of classic MASSGRAV style rock n' roll. In all modesty, they decided to name it "Still The Kings". D&R releasing the vinyl version of this new album and Selfmadegod will take care of the CD edition.

Scheduled for Valborsmässoafton, the last day of April - traditionally a day for Swedes to light fires, get shitfaced and play with fireworks. Add a brand new Massgrav vinyl on top of that and you will get one hell of a party! NO PRE-ORDERS yet please!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deluxe Infernöh SOLD OUT!

All 50 deluxe 12" + shirt packages are gone! Most of the time there is a lot of people who order from us but never cash up nor retur our mails when it's time to pay. So don't mistrust, we might have a few back in stock by the end of march when the 12" is out. The total print of 500 is almost sold out too. My guess is that we will make a re-press shortly after it's released, or maybe even press 1000 copies to start with. We will keep you posted.

Annihilation Radio #74 played the opening track, of the record, "Dött där ögat ser" this weekend. Click the link and download the show if you wanna hear the song/podcast. Lots of other great punk music too, as always on that radio show.

Am a trve D-beat Hooligan!

Some days am just one fucking lucky bastard. Like today, when I got home from work I had a package from Australia on the doormat. I was totally surprised when I opened it and found a Krömosom scarf inside. This will come very handy at cold nights when am out walking, even when am at hockey games at Fjällräven arenan. Am a trve D-beat Hooligan, have always been. We never walk alone and we will always live forever! Kudos Yeap/Krömosom crew.

We also got the Krömosom 12" back in stock!!! Rampaging hardcore noise from these Austalian fanatics. This band takes the Disorder/Confuse style of hardcore and cranks up the distortion in the style made famous by bands like Framtid, Gloom and Disclose. Has the same hard charging power and wall of raw noise of bands like D-clone, Perdition and Nerveskade but with solid and powerful hardcore punk backbone that recalls the masters of Scandinavian hardcore from years past. Some bands attempting this style start to fall apart and just sound like a barrage of senseless noise. Krömosom holds it down with solid and punishing songs directing, yes, channelling the energy of the noise and distortion in crushing riffs instead of pure white noise.

This 2nd pressed master by Jack Kontrol. 90% different from the 1st press. 90sek + postage, labels get in touch for w/s.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

GIFTGASATTACK - Peace//Collapse//Destroy - 5"

Out in march part 2; Three new Giftgasattack tracks from the same recording sessions as "8 track ep". Then you know what to expect, distortion to hell. Swedish finest d-noise apocalypse! 500 copies will be pressed and launched just in time for their UK tour in march. Next weekend GGA will destroy Germany:

16/2 - Rote Flora, Hamburg
17/2 - Liwi, Leipzig
18/2 - Köpi, Berlin

Don't miss it!

We're down to the 10 very last deluxe Infernöh 12" vinyl + shirt packages.

"Zooma in en zombie"

My friends at Skrammel also have some awesome releases coming out in march. It's the long awaited MISSBRUKARNA discography 12" Zooma in en zombie.

Pre-order it now at Skrammel Records and get a Alouatta or Nature 7" for free. For further info: order(at)skrammelrecords.se

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Free BK-11 downloads!

An easy way to listen/download all Brottskod 11 songs ever recorded for free. We even found a few previously unreleased tracks that we upload too. Click HERE to visit our new site. We also got the 7" from Phobia this week. The releaseparty is taking place in Östersund next weekend and after that you will be able to order it from here or via our wordpress. Keep on rockin' in a free world!

Vi behöver fortfarande hjälp att fylla luckorna på vår påsktur. De datum som fattas är torsdag 5/4 (på vägen ner till Göteborg) och söndag 8/4 (på vägen hem till Norrland). Nån som vet nått eller nån som kan hjälpa till, maila! Vi är inte så dyr i drift; lite soppastål, mat i magen och tak över huvudet i värmen. Någon någonstans borde väl styra nå punkgigs denna helg då det är en massa röda dagar och dyl? Tack på förhand.

5/4 - Hjälp tack!
6/4 - Härden, Göteborg
7/4 - Industribaren, Värnamo
8/4 - Hjälp tack!
9/4 - Bunkern, Sveg


I saw Marble live like ten years ago, thought they sucked big time. A few years later they recorded "Bam", still a kick-ass song up to date.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The INFERNÖH is upon us!

It's been a long time coming, but today I can finally share our little secret and proudly present D-takt & Råpunks next release. The 12" debut album with Infernöh "WAR TJARD". Am fucking thrilled!
First press is standard 500copies with some bonus stuff for everyone. We will also make 50 deluxe packages that comes with an Infernöh t-shirt. Pre-orders are welcome now. Labels get in touch for w/s!

We're talking 5 new intense raw punk tunes + the 5 demo tracks. Mastered by no less then Bri Doom. Nevermind that "members of..." bullshit, INFERNÖH speak for itself.

This was only the first announcement of what we have coming this winter/spring. Believe me, we have some really good shit cooking. We've been working on a few seperate releases since the end of last year, that's why nothing's been released for some month now.
Great records takes time to make. You think we released raw stuff earlier, just wait and see. 'Nough said.

How can you start the day/weekend better than playing the brand new song "Krossa guds kuk" and "Gamdregel" at high volume?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Japan attack + post box goodies.

Now look what my friends from Japan sent me/us. "Final mangel at Earthdom" VHS tape(!), Skizophrenia limited tour 7", Disclose 10", Gauze 12", Masshysteri shirt (that Åke stole from me) + japanese animal decoration that I was looking for while I was in Japan. Don't know what to say. Kanpai! Heads up cause more swedish missiles are coming your way soon...

I also found these goodies. No need to wash my cloths for another week; Tormented, De:Nihil, Electric Funeral and Mardröm shirts. Also a bunch of patches that Phobia screenprinted. I have a few extra of them if any one is intrested; Disarm, Mardröm, Desperat and Warvictims. 5sek/each. Disräpe demo tape that I only had as lousy mp3. Cheers steve! Check out his blog here. Lots of nice stuff. But the winner takes it all, Terokal cd demo. Fucking hell. Best "new" band I've heard for months. Check em up right away if you missed em out like I had until mr. P sent me this cd. I really hope to work with these guys in the future. Think that's about it. Time for dinner.

Soundtrack: Nuclear Death Terror - S/t

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ambitiöst d.i.y söndagsmatlag (in swedish)

25 g jäst (1/2 paket)
6dl vatten
2 tsk salt
1 dl (hårt packad) färska örtkryddor, t.ex. basilika, rosmarin eller timjan
13-14dl vetemjöl

2dl kärnfria oliver (vitlök), svarta eller gröna
100g fetaost
1dl grekisk yoghurt
1-2 vitlöksklyftor
soltorkade tomater

Smält jästen i en bunke. Värm vattnet (fingervarmt). Häll lite av vattnet i bunken och rör tills all jäst har löst upp. Tillsätt sedan resten av vattnet samt salt. Finhacka örtkryddorna och blanda ner dem i degspadet. Rör i nästan allt vetemjöl i omgångar och arbeta degen smidig för hand. Tillsätt mer/mindre mjöl vid behov. Täck med en bakduk och låt jäsa i 30min.
Ta upp degen på en mjölad arbetsbänk och fös försiktigt ihop den lite. Skär sedan degen med en vass kniv i 4 bitar. Forma dem till 4 längder utan att knåda! Lägg längderna på en plåt med bakplåtspapper. Gör med en vass kniv några djupa snitt på snedden. Täck med bakduk igen och låt jäsa i 40min. Sätt ugnen på 250grader.
Pensla lite ljummet vatten över baguetterna. Grädda sedan brödet i 8min. Sänk värmen till 200grader och grädda i ytterligare ca 20min. Ta ut brödet och låt svalna på ett galler. Men för fan ät medan det är varmt med en klick smör som smälter på både bröd och i mun.

Hacka oliverna och smula fetaosten. Blanda sedan ihop med yoghurten. Pressa i vitlök och krydda med salt och peppar + kryddor efter egen tycke. Jag slängde även i några hackade soltorkade tomater och en tsk olja.

1 gul lök
2msk rapsolja
2-3 potatisar
500g morötter
1/2 kuvert saffran
1 liter grönsaksbuljong
1dl färskpressad apelsin
Salt och peppar

1dl naturell yoghurt
färsk ingefära
hackad gräslök (el. persilja eller annat örtkrydda)

Skala och hacka löken, fräs den i olja i en kastrull i några minuter. Skala potatisen och morötterna och skär dem i bitar. Lägg ner dem i kastrullen tillsammans med saffran. Fräs alltihopa i ytterligare några minuter. Tillsätt buljong och sjud soppan i ca 15min eller tills grönsakerna är mjuka.
Kör ner en stavmixer i kastrullen och låt den få jobba. Blanda i pressad apelsin (va inte blyg med fruktköttet). Värm soppan och späd med ytterligare lite buljong om så önskas. Smaka av med salt och peppar.

Riv ingefäran och blanda den med yoghurten efter smak. Ringla lite av såsen över soppan. Strö på hackade örter.

* Millencolin - Use your nose
* Millencolin - Pennybridge pioneers
* Mos Def - Black on both sides
* Åtgärdslandet - Demo

Recepten är tagna ifrån receptboken "Soppor, Bröd & Röror". Soppan vart mycket mustigare än sist, men i det långa loppet var det fan brödet + röran som tog hem första priset denna gång. Vi var tre personer som smällde i oss två längder bröd utan att blinka. Middagen tog några timmar att göra iom att brödet behövde över en och en halvtimmas jäsning. Så tänk på det om ni ska kocka! Vi avnjut söndagsmålet med The Hunter. Den skulle kunnat varit bra, men den var väl så där. Jag värmde på den överblivna soppa dagen efter till middag och då var den nästan godare.

Asta Kask på Ungdomens Hus (Uppsala) 18/2

För mer info: Asta Kask,
Showdown Booking

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Turist i tillvaron #3 - unreleased thräsh

Thräshers is participate on the swedish punk/hardcore 12inch comp serie Turist i tillvaron #3 with one unreleased track called "Det kommer och går" (It comes and goes). Out in april/may. Click HERE for tracklist. The song is taken from the flexi 7" recording session.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Händelserik vecka (in swedish)

Va nere i Uppsala och härjade nästan hela veckan. Under mina dagar på resande fot hände det en hel del, det kommer nya korta uppdateringar vartefter här i dagarna. Onsdagens föreläsning med Crossing Boarders var väldigt inspirerande. Visste inte alls va jag skulle förvänta mig, men det var riktigt bra.
Tåget hem igår var såklart försenat så där blev jag sittandes i 45min på perrongen med en stolt alkoholiserad sverigedemokrat. Vi snackade politik och klassamhället (fattig/rik, svart/vit). Jag tror inte riktigt att han lyssnade på vad jag sa för när jag väl klev på mitt tåg skrek han "Tack för en trevlig pratstund grabben. Sunda åsikter i en sund kropp!". Även om han föredrog ett renrasigt land, Ultima Thule musik och V8-motorer och vi inte hade en tillstymmelse till någonting gemensamt så tyckte jag att mötet i sig var väldigt intressant. Vad jag däremot aldrig förstått är varför suspekt folk dras till mig för att prata skit på tunnelbanan och liknande. Vilka signaler skickar jag ut egentligen? Får för mig att jag mest utstrålar bitterhet och negativ energi.
Väl på tåget snurrade jag runt i min mp3:a och hittade åt tre bortglömda album. Bland annat Portishead's självbetitlade album från 97, därav videon ovanför. Fan vilken bra skiva! Men mina philips hörlurar som man ploppar in i örat är skit!!! Dem glider ut hela jävla tiden. Nån som har tips på såna där trycka in i örat lurar som sitter kvar även om man äter banan och dricker juice? Nu är det dags för svennebanan-fredags-tacos och nå hjärndött på tv:n. Väl mött!

Soundtrack: Uppgång & Fall

Obscene Society Fest...more news concerning hardcore music and Czech Republic.

Desperat is playing at Obscene Society Fest 12/5 2012. Am looking forward to see Roxor and Mörkhimmel live. On top of this great fest I was promised a bbq punk part at casa Insane Society the day before too. Mumsfillibaba!

Brottskod 7" out now! Make pre-orders.

The 7" has finally hit the streets of Czech Republic. We will get our cut in 1-2 weeks, hopefully in time for the unofficial releaseparty in Östersund 17/2. It's released by Phobia Records, 500 copies (50 limited edition ). We will not get any extra ltd copies, so you have to order it direct from Phobia. Just want a plain and simple 7"? Mail us.

"Brand new seveninch coming out from Phobia Records. This time we´re proud to release 4 songs 7“EP from Swedish crust zombies BROTTSKOD 11 with Jocke D-Takt from Warvictims, Desperat or Electric Funeral on bass. Recorded in Empire Studio (September 2011) and mixed by Pontus Lindroth. You´ll get high quality crust / d-beat in the vein of Skitsystem, Warvictims or Dödsdömd. The amazing cover art is done by Chris Eliminate. One song from this 7“EP you can listen on our website. One-time press of 500 copies on purple vinyl. There´s also limited edition of 54 copies with screenprinted handnumbered special covers + patch + button".

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Noise of sweden (it's a new sheriff in town)

Ted/Cow Mag decided to start a new distro called NOISE OF SWEDEN with mainly swedish bands/titles. Of course also distributor of D&R releases. Support your local punk dealer.