Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's get this friday started with Jealous Cowards!

My longtime friends Petter & Stoffe (ex. Dëünga) have this new band called Jealous Cowards that I think you should check out. Except great garage punk/hardcore to the max, the 12" also includes rad guest vocals, Driller Killers "Food for worms" and classic c&p layout.

You have to be trve HC to buy their record/merch. This is an extract from our email exchange when I tried to order (sorry, only in swe).
D&R: jag skulle vilja köpa en 12". pris ink. frakt?
JC: glöm du sågade poison idea

Två dagar senare så fick jag trots allt ett gött paket i postboxen.

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