Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Am a trve D-beat Hooligan!

Some days am just one fucking lucky bastard. Like today, when I got home from work I had a package from Australia on the doormat. I was totally surprised when I opened it and found a Krömosom scarf inside. This will come very handy at cold nights when am out walking, even when am at hockey games at Fjällräven arenan. Am a trve D-beat Hooligan, have always been. We never walk alone and we will always live forever! Kudos Yeap/Krömosom crew.

We also got the Krömosom 12" back in stock!!! Rampaging hardcore noise from these Austalian fanatics. This band takes the Disorder/Confuse style of hardcore and cranks up the distortion in the style made famous by bands like Framtid, Gloom and Disclose. Has the same hard charging power and wall of raw noise of bands like D-clone, Perdition and Nerveskade but with solid and powerful hardcore punk backbone that recalls the masters of Scandinavian hardcore from years past. Some bands attempting this style start to fall apart and just sound like a barrage of senseless noise. Krömosom holds it down with solid and punishing songs directing, yes, channelling the energy of the noise and distortion in crushing riffs instead of pure white noise.

This 2nd pressed master by Jack Kontrol. 90% different from the 1st press. 90sek + postage, labels get in touch for w/s.

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