Friday, February 10, 2012

The INFERNÖH is upon us!

It's been a long time coming, but today I can finally share our little secret and proudly present D-takt & Råpunks next release. The 12" debut album with Infernöh "WAR TJARD". Am fucking thrilled!
First press is standard 500copies with some bonus stuff for everyone. We will also make 50 deluxe packages that comes with an Infernöh t-shirt. Pre-orders are welcome now. Labels get in touch for w/s!

We're talking 5 new intense raw punk tunes + the 5 demo tracks. Mastered by no less then Bri Doom. Nevermind that "members of..." bullshit, INFERNÖH speak for itself.

This was only the first announcement of what we have coming this winter/spring. Believe me, we have some really good shit cooking. We've been working on a few seperate releases since the end of last year, that's why nothing's been released for some month now.
Great records takes time to make. You think we released raw stuff earlier, just wait and see. 'Nough said.

How can you start the day/weekend better than playing the brand new song "Krossa guds kuk" and "Gamdregel" at high volume?

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Gus said...

You just made my day Jocke. This new song is even better then the demo, how that ever could be possible. Sign me up for this record. What more do you have coming? You can not put me on hold like that.