Friday, February 17, 2012

Dancing awat at By:Larm

If you live in Norway and have no plans for tonight, Grande Roses is playing at By:Larm (Oslo).
The video above is dedicated all bass players, I myself am a bass player, so I appreciate the thought. A matter a fact the exact same bass player in the music video is the very same guy who I played with in various punk and hardcore bands/projects from the mid 90's and for many years ahead. It was also he who taught me how to play bass from the very beginning. He was a good teacher, but I had no patience to put myself into the string skills, notes etc. Because of this I'll play at a local club in a cramped basement tonight while he's rocking the big stages at a festival abroad. Haha. Who complains? Not me. See you tonight at Storsjöteatern.

1 comment:

johan said...

haha, han spelade elbas i ettöltält!
eller, tre ihopfogade lappkåtor.