Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deluxe Infernöh SOLD OUT!

All 50 deluxe 12" + shirt packages are gone! Most of the time there is a lot of people who order from us but never cash up nor retur our mails when it's time to pay. So don't mistrust, we might have a few back in stock by the end of march when the 12" is out. The total print of 500 is almost sold out too. My guess is that we will make a re-press shortly after it's released, or maybe even press 1000 copies to start with. We will keep you posted.

Annihilation Radio #74 played the opening track, of the record, "Dött där ögat ser" this weekend. Click the link and download the show if you wanna hear the song/podcast. Lots of other great punk music too, as always on that radio show.


DK said...

jag vill förhandsboka Infernöh plattan! hur gör jag?

D-takt & Råpunk said...

DK: enkelt, du mailar på vår kontaktmail. dbeatrawpunk(a)gmail.com