Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mot en strålande framtid...

The end of 2015, just under 2h left, is approaching and I was going to end this year writing something clever. Well, I don't know what to write so I let it be. I'm still alive, trying to make up for lost time and just enjoying my free time doing absolutely nothing.
I have done
a deep dive and a large inventory of my stocks.
I found some things that I thought were out of stock and some other fun stuff. More about that when I'm back in 2-3 month. Meanwhile you are always welcome to email your questions and orders. But be prepared that it might take a few days, even weeks, before you receive a response. 

I guess I just wanted to say thanks and cheers to all the bands that I worked with (old and new), my own band mates, all of you who support D&R by buying our releases, labels and distros, other partners in crime, people who helped me and my bands with mixes and layouts, organizers + everyone who fed and given me shelter when we've been on tour and the rest who enriched my 2015 in one way or another.

Out on D-takt & Råpunk Records sometime in 2016: Exploatör, Misiliski, Honnör SS, Bombanfall + more... Stayed tuned!