Friday, October 14, 2022

The first ten years series 2012-2022 vinyl reisse series – OUT NOW!

 偏執症者 (Paranoid) – The First Ten Years Series:
* Destroy Future Less System, 7″ (1000 copies)
* Satyagraha, 12″ (750 copies)
* Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!, 12″ (300 copies)
* Out Raising Hell, 12″ (400 copies)
* Cursed, 12″ (950 copies)
* The Singles Collection, 12″ (100 copies)
* Box set, including all 12″ and exclusive extras (250 copies)

Black vinyl only, no colored/limited editions. All releases come with obi-strip (except for the vinyls in the box) and free download codes. Buy directly from us or Paranoid Northern Discs. Exclusive US distribution by Sorry State Records. We advise and strongly recommend people living in the US, and the surrounding area, to order directly from Sorry State’s website. Shipping worldwide. Labels/stores and distros get in touch with us or Sorry State Records for w/s.


We must take this opportunity to apologize for being so bad at answering your emails in the last month. Things have been crazy, chaotic and hectic, but things are finally starting to calm down. We will answer everything within 1-2 weeks. Please be patient and thank you for your understanding.

10th anniversary combined release party tonight! Tickets and event. See you in hell!