Saturday, February 21, 2015

Staten Brinner - Mello

This year, Östersund (my hometown) got the honor to be hosting one of the races in this year's Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. And we shall of course be very grateful and happy for that something fun and culturally finally happening in town. Staten Brinner didn’t wanna be ungrateful so we made a contribution to participate in the festivities. Enjoy!

BUT now that I'm an ungrateful, bitter and grumpy old fart that rather listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival and Ac/Dc I just want this miserable hullabaloo soon to be over. The whole city is paralyzed and our local newspapers report as if there were no tomorrow. What if people could spend a fraction of interest and coverage when it actually happens something of a real culturally or locally musical value in town...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Full and busy schedule!

I have received all of your email/orders but I've been really really busy from early morning to late night with various other stuff in the past week and I have not had the time or opportunity to respond to your emails. Bad timing for releasing two new releases, I know. I'll do my utmost to answer you all during this upcoming week. Hang tight!

Soundtrack: Hospitalet - Den svarta hyddan

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cover of the month (pt.2) - Punk is love

I remember it like yesterday the first time I heard Pisschrist. We were on tour with one of my old bands in 2004(?) and we would play in Berlin that night. During the day we took the opportunity to visit Yellow dog's record store. Iffi worked and served us coffee while we talked about punk, music and how the tour been so far. Then he showed me this new demo cassette "Have you heard this band before?", he asked. "They are called Pisschrist and they are from Australia. Yellow Dog will hopefully release something with them in the future". I bought it immediately and I fell in love instantly. After that I bought everything that Pisschrist ever released until they end the band in 2010. Just to pick one song from their complete discography was more or less mission impossible. But there is one song that I often listen to at maximum volume when I need to get inspired, encouraged or just have to get a quick raw punk injection. If you read between the lines you can probably already guess what song we're talking about. Pisschrist has not only influenced Paranoid but was a large and important part of the punk scene during their active years as a band and they are still a great source of inspiration for many new, and old, bands worldwide.

Even if we knew right from the start that it would be really hard to capture the intensity of the original we just had to do it. We mailed Yeap and asked if he would be willing to mix this cover of his old band, and fortunately for us he accepted to do it. We actually asked Yeap if he wanted to do some back-up vocals on one of the songs on "Destroy Future Less System" 5 track ep, but it fizzled out. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that he not only helped us mixing the song, but also brightened it with his lovely voice too.

Everyone who play or have played in a punk band can relate to the lyric. Its our passion and how we live our lives. Some book shows, some release records, some cook, some draw and make layouts, some open their homes so that touring bands have somewhere to sleep. We play loud hardcore punk, that's what we do, and we do not compromise our thoughts and ideals. All possess unique knowledge/skills and we all have different opinions. But there is one thing all of us have in common, we all do it for the love of punk. DIY punx under one flag, music and idea empowers our life. Good friends playing hardcore around the world. This is our life. Punk is love!

Recorded by Jocke D-takt at Empire Studio, December 2014. Mixed by Yeap, January 2015. Mastered by Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station, January 2015.