Sunday, October 30, 2011

Music of the spheres

Am pretty stooked I got the 13th Floor Elevators box before they all sold out. Heavy shit for heavy listener's.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nasum reunion around the corner

Trying to catch up after a week's absence, and what do I find after some blog searching and reading. A Nasum reunion. Read more here.

Desert Flower

The top model Waris Dirie's (somali model, author, actress and human rights activist) best-selling autobiography, Desert Flower now as feature film. It's about her childhood, her hard life/struggle and way to be a top model. It is in many ways a radical story and she's using her fame for a good purpose. A brave and determined woman with great integrity and determination to change the world for the better. Haven't read the book but I saw the movie last night and I can really recommend it.

Handbok för överlevnad i ett sjunkade samhälle (in swedish)

I slutet av 90-talet så köpte jag den lila svarta boken i ett oberoende bokfik i stockholm. Något år senare så lånade jag ut den till någon. Om denna "någon" läser denna blogg och känner att du läst klart boken så vore det grymt uppskattat om jag kunde få igen den. Om inte, är det någon som vet om den går att köpa någonstans idag? Tacksam för tips/svar.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kvoteringen 7" OUT NOW (no krångel!)

After years of hard work it's finally here! Available in two versions, 35sek/each + postage. Listen to the smash hit sample "Hjalmar Wång" below. This is a co-release with mighty De:Nihil Records. Kvoteringen also have their own blog from now on, so make sure to get the latest råpunk news right HERE!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hemma å sjuk (in swedish)

Efterskalven kom med en förkylning utan dess like. Det är ingen hejd på mina hostattacker. Svtplay bjuder på give up tomorrow, elvis: tillbaka till tupelo, sons of perdition + de avsnitt av uppdrag granskning som jag missat medan jag varit bortrest. På nattygsbordet ligger Den Svarte Nazisten. Topp stemning! (norsk).

En tackar! (in swedish)

Vi tackar och bockar allra ödmjukast till Mattis/Makabert Fynd för att vi fick komma ned och spela på 44:an, banden vi spelade med, alla som kom och moshade, för den extremt goda och kryddstarka maten och sist men inte minst familjen Lindholm som alltid lika vänligt öppnar sitt hem för sluskiga punkare.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shitlife 2011 - D.I.Y or die!

So you don't want to give us a skateboard pool? Well then fuck you, we'll do it ourselves! You'll see Johan (guitarist in Brottskod 11) and Per-Olof (vocals in Thräshers) on the skate, among many others. Photo/cutting by Larsson for B Produktion.

Sju Svåra År - back in stock!

I got three copies of the Sju Svåra År 12" back in stock. 90sek + postage. SOLD OUT! Buy it HERE!

Gig i Jönköping

Thursday, October 20, 2011

22 oktober, punkgig x2 (in swedish)

Thräshers luftar vingarna i den kungliga huvudstaden nu på lördag. OBS superviktigt att ni mailar namn + personnr till Mattis om ni hade tänkt gå. Begränsat med platser! mattisruwe(a)

Det är inte bara i Sthlm det smäller på lördag utan även i Götet. Känn peppet!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I fucking love Japan!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, there was neither time nor opportunity for any tour diary and photos. It may come with time. There have been eleven intensive and hugely eventful days. This was undoubtedly the best tour I've ever done, a true memory for life.

Special thanks to So/Hardcore Survives, Skizophrenia, "Mom", all the bands/people we played and had after-party with, all of you who showed up and supported at our shows, organizers/venues, new and old friends and of course everybody else who gave us shelter, food, love and gifts. I already miss you all! Sweden compared to Japan is a fucking joke, I want to go back soon again. Tack som fan, arigato!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tokyo raw punk city

14 timmars resa gor kroppen ratt seg och mor. tre skivbutiker i tokyo fick upp humoret igen, och jag brande nastan hela min resekassa pa en dag. inte sa bra kanske. vi taggar runt med kanske varldens trevligaste japaner. inatt sov vi pa ett lagergolv bland en massa dclone tshirts och nitjackor. nu ar det frukost pa gang ute i solen. en mer uppdaterat inlagg kommer senare nar det finns mer tid. kanske na raa bilder ocksa. pa aterseende.

jocke, ake, chrille och johan plus japanska maffian.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sayonara suckers. Japan here we come!

I won't be able to check my mail nor sending any orders until 20/10. Thanks for your patience! For further informtion; Desperat, Mob 47 or Hardcore Survives. See you in Tokyo city...hopefully.

Make sure to check out the blog now and then for photos, videos and tour diary. Kanpai!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thräshers - 10 Track Demo - OUT NOW!

We started the recording last monday night, less than a week later the demo is out. Now that's how I like to do it. Thanks to Pogger for the amazing art, Åke and Cat of the summer for ultra fast mixing/mastering. The demo contains ten tracks (obviously), and if you wanna listen before buying you can do it for free right HERE.

As you can see on the picture there is two different covers, but it's not the covers that are different, it is also different mixes. So pick your king; Åke (red) or Cat of the summer (green). 100 copies made.
Tapes are 25sek + postage. Mail for order. My shop is closed until 20/10!

We will make another press when am back home. For further questions, mail the address above.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Naturen är stark (in swedish)

Två dagars lugn och ro gjorde mig gott. Strålande sol, frisk luft och sovmorgon. Hann tom med att dega en sväng på förmiddagen.

Åre city is runned by sheeps.