Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Vikings are back


Check out the sound engineers acting skills around 0:35.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Glöm wordpress and Bombspot

Årre representin'!

More and more people/bands/labels is boycotting myspace, so it looks like am not the only one. Desperat have also talked about some alternative.

Glöm Dä! started a wordpress which they will keep updated mainly with Glöm Dä! stuff, but lots of punk and hardcore as well.

Bombs Away also started a blogspot. More reading for everyone, which is great.

Soundtrack: Nifelheim - Envoy of Lucifer.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dagens fråga: Parasiter (in swedish)

F: är du inte rädd eller orolig för parasiterna?

S: stöter på värre parasiter i vårt samhället så gott som dagligen som jag både frukta och föraktar mer.

och allt tjat om snökaos och rekordkyla, kom an bara era jävla f-ttveklingar! jag är rustad för ett nytt vinterkrig.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Foat/F.O.T just started a blog called CHARGED//DISTORTED. They will also release Disable/Warvictims split 7" in 2011.

Got an email from Dule/Coatia about his blog Degen Erik.
Another free punk music downloading blog. Spread the music,
take no prisoners!

Perdition Anguish, it's wednesday

ANGUISH from detroit rock city. Feel the E.N.T vibes!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Då tar jag mig en köpp...

Feeling down and depressed? Eight out of ten times this song works for me. The lyric says it all. Hard to understand for all of you outside the swedish borders since it's in swedish.
It's first and foremost about coffe, dosen't matter if you'r rich/poor or what the authority tells you to do. As long as you have your coffe. So therefore you need a great passion for coffe to start with, which i do.

I start almost every day with a cup of black coffe in my black metal cup. The song/video is by the musical genius Eddie Meduza; some love it, some hate it. Am not a big fan of his "könsrock" songs, but he's done millions of great r'n'r tracks with both ironic and vulguar lyrics. For fuck's sake; he was the first d.i.y punkrocker, just take a look at the video! Haha. Some observant friends have also noticed my Eddie Meduza Discharge-rip off logo sticker at my guitar. Get lots of question about it and all I can say is; kom loss punkjävlar!!!

I dedicate this video to a really good friend of mine. Together we have had more than one cup of coffe and laughing while listening to this song. Both of us are having a bad period. We'll talk soon...


Läget uti världa, de e inte bra,
För det slåss å bråkas å kivas varje da,
Å de dom andra hittar på kan jag inte rå för
Men jag har fått receptet för å bli på gott humör

Då tar jag mig en köpp, Då kommer en på töpp
En liten slurk med socker å med grädde piggar upp

Var da jag stiger upp, så finns det ändå höpp

Om nånting går åt skogen, ja då tar jag mig en köpp

Somliga har pengar, det har inte jag
Sol å gröna ängar, är det jag helst vill ha
Å när dom rike bara kommer med en massa prat
Då går jag ut i köket å slår på min apparat

En del dom vill ha brännvin mot en depression så djup
Men jag tar mig en kaffekopp istället för en sup


Ska det gå åt skogen så ska det gå direkt!
För banker å för fogdar, jag har ingen respekt
För man kan aldrig lita på en myndighetsperson
Å när dom bråkar med mig då så har jag fina don

När fogden å när banken plockar på sig allt jag har
Då ser jag bara till att jag har kaffebryggarn kvar

Friday, November 19, 2010

Up to no good...

Sorry for not beeing the most active bloger, believe it or not but there is a reality outside the world wide web sphere.
This is what i have done the last week, cover art for the upcoming Giftgasattack/Electric Funeral split 7". Still some work left to be done. Out early 2011 on Detonate Records.

Listening to Metallica's ride the lightning and packing orders. Have a nice weekend!

Up Yours Records + blog!

Benny von Up Yours Records/distro mailed me about his new blog
UP YOURS. He will post interviews, reviews and other label related stuff. So make sure to check it out once and awhile.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my shit

yet another update and new design. why am i not surprised? call me old-fashion and ignorant but i've had enough with this shit! i haven't checked our myspace nor updated it for almost a month. i had my personal myspace erased and deleted month ago.

so please punx, DO NOT MAIL ME AT MYSPACE if you wanna have a fast answer. guess i won't check it more often after this new update. for the latest news about D&R and related bands check this blog. for orders, questions or other info mail us at: dbeatrawpunk@gmail.com

The story of Anvil (in swedish)

The story of Anvil on swedish television tonight.

Om ni mot all förmodan skulle ha missat denna helgjutna dokumentär om det kanadensiska hårdrocksbandet Anvil så visar Svt1, den ikväll klockan 22:00. Kommer läggas upp på dox's (svtplay) sida efter tv-sändningen.

Kanske inte är banden som går till historieböckerna som det mest inflytelserikaste i metalgenren. Men är helt klart sevärd om man är down med hårdrock, metal och kärlek till hårdrocken. Snyftvarning.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fu--ing PARAISTE = Soldout!

Got the last copies of the 1st 7" (SIN) with the
japanese heavy punk metal freaks PARASITE.
We only have a few so you better act fast!

so there's no need to mail and ask for it. sorry.

Monday, November 8, 2010

You're next!

Got the testpresses for "Harvester of death" today. Out in a few weeks on Crucificados.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Glöm Dä! - I skuggan av... 7"

It's been a hectic week at D&R hq. It have been raining records and orders, and it seems like there's no end to it:

Glöm Dä! - I skuggan av eran stia - 7"
30sek + postage.

The covers looks like a colorful rainbow. As they say in Lkpg; Positive hardcore, positive grown ups.

The green manalishi

Anyone know where to find this 7" (with cover) in good condition? Make it two. Please mail me. This is satan's music, just listen to thy evil tunes. But the question remains, is it punk enough? FTW.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thrashpunk Terror Rampage!!!

We never thought that this day would come, but boys and girls, today is the day!

The long gone last recording "Thrashpunk Terror Rampage" with the true Warvictims is finally out!

This record have been at the pressing plant for over a year(?). The box was pretty beaten up so some of the corners looks like shit. Comes with no outer plastic bags either.

This is by far the rawest version of Warvictims. It even sounded better then I could remember. Per played the bass on this recording so expect more "rainy-style" then before as well.

It's released by Outrageous Defecation and Aph Music. We got around 60-70 copies. 30sek + postage.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nitad 7"

Got the latest Nitad 7", two copies left.
30sek + postage.

Swedish interview with the De:Nihil at Doomsday.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giftgasattack 12" and Sista Kriget 7" hits like a bomb - Finally OUT! Glöm Dä! out next.

Yes we got em yesterday, GIFTGASATTACK 12" and SISTA KRIGET 7".
They looks and sounds totally awesome! More then half of the pressing is already gone, on both releases, so you better act fast if you don't wanna buy em on e-bay in a month for a shameless price.
All of you who made pre-orders and paid upfront will have your records first. I'll send em all out tonight, same deal for everyone.

12" = 90sek, 7" = 30sek + postage!

We got 100 limited copies on blue vinyl for the Giftgasattack 12". Only available through D&R! Sista Kriget are all in pu(i)nk.

Out next (hopefully this week):
GLÖM DÄ! - I skuggan av eran stia - 7" (DTAKT032)

Mail for pre-orders.