Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next stop: Linköping

Am on my way down to the dirty south, so as usual I won't be abel to check my mail nor send any orders while am gone. Am back on monday.

One hell of a night:

In Linköping this friday (1/10) at Lórient. Age limit +18!
For further info check the flyer. See you in the moshpit.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NO TOMORROW 4 way LP out now!

No tomorrow 4-way 12" finally in stock! We only got 18 copies so act fast if you wanna buy one. If we're running out
you can always order it direct from the labels; Crucificados (germany) and Bombs Away (norway).

1. Wheel of life (Anti Cimex), 2. Napalm raining like hell,
3. The night without silence, 4. Victims of a system slaughter,
5. Mass crematorium, 6. Tremores

1. Vi förtjänar att dö, 2. Unbearable reality, 3. War crimes,
4. A better tomorrow, 5. Den vidriga sanningen, 6. No point

1. Sheep became a dog soldier, 2. Nuclear warfare, 3. It's your choice, 4. Sinner judging the sin, 5. When the system break down

1. Peliando por mierda, 2. Odio a la musica, 3. Outro dia de tortura, 4. Realidad, 5. The leader of the fucking asshole (The Shitlickers)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Face Of War

Tried out the new raw punk deluxe pedal today. Here's the result, "The face of war" a cover by Warcry. D-beat noise attack, FTW!

Maimed and Slaughtered (in swedish)

Matte (Misantropic/The Gravedigger and the teacher) ex. Short Fuse/Dödscell Zine have started to blog about punk music and norrland in general, only in swedish though...

Gamle Short Fuse makaren, tillikes norrlandspatrioten har vidga vyerna och finns numera som ettor och nollor HÄR!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haava/Avfall - Split 7"

Japanese worship. Avfall surprised me big time, totally kick-ass punk tunes. Awesome release, order it from Black Seeds now!

Friday, September 24, 2010

new D&R "homepage" at wordpress

Just got sick and tired of Myspace and we have wanted some kind of homepage with more possibilities then myspace and this blog can offer. I got a tip from a friend about wordpress and another friend helped me out. Thanks!

Short note: This new D-TAKT & RÅPUNK WORDPRESS PAGE ( will not be updated that often, but it will give you a better overview about D&R, our releases and the labels/distros we deal with. Keep checking this blog for the latest news.

We rarely login to our Myspace so if you mail us to that site it can take up to 2-3 weeks until you get an answer. For faster respond, mail us at instead.

If you’re missing or notice anything wrong at the new site don’t hesitate to mail us.

Friday Nightmare

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Herätys 12" and Go filth go cassette in stock

Herätys 12" repress (80sek + postage) and
Go filth go
Cassette (30sek + postage) in stock. Just got a few copies so buy em while you still can.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Det va bättre förr!

Makabert Fynd's latest 12" in stock. 90sek + postage.

Visst fan va det bättre förr, men int’ var det bra. Som gamle Allan sa.


Yeap von Pisschrist keep on releasing great stuff at his label. Lateast release is a cassette with Krömosom. No homepage nor myspace so visit Hardcore Victims myspace if you wanna hear four tracks from the tape. We're gonna work out a small trade so d&r will hopefully get a few copies for sale at this blog soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Next stop: Umeå

Am off to Umeå hardcore city for the weekend. Won't be able to read nor answer any mails until monday.

Asta Kask - Nya varje val inget val

"Klassklyftorna ökar. Egoism och kärlek till sin egen plånbok härskar över medmänsklighet och omsorg om de svaga och behövande i samhället".

Ladda hem den nygamla dängan på Asta Kask's hemsida.

Snutjävel gör ett inlägg i valdebatten

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pedal to the metal!

Today I got my brand new custom made guitar pedal. Seems like christmas came early this year. Fuzz and volym, no more needed. It looks radical as fuck to. Thanks a million to the punk up north for making me this one. I will have a very unique sound that no one else will be abel to create nor copy. Haven't been abel to try it out yet, but be sure that you will hear this pedal on the next upcoming recordings with some of the bands am in. Out raising hell! Oh yeah, got a patch and a tape as well. Cheers!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Distro Update!

Besthöven/Beton - Split
Dissober - Outcasts of sobriety
Dödsdömd/Dödsdömd - Split
Fear Of Tomorrow - S/t
Glöm Dä! - Grisigast i Östergötland
Halvfabrikat fick oss att göra det - v/a
Krossa - S/t
Makabert Fynd - S/t
Mardröm - Deras profit, våran död
Mareridt - ...här börjar helvetet
More World, Less Bank - v/a
Raw Hate - Drunk As Fuck Existence
Skitslakt - Victim... - 7”
Spritvev - Pommacs Larm
Warvictims/Sistemas De Aniquilacion
Warvictims/Suburban Showdown
Warvictims - Dogs of war

Warvictims/Till Death

Besthöven - A lei do mais fraco... NEW!
Disarm - Discography 1982-1987 - 2x12" (a few back in stock!)
Discard/Nyx Negativ - Split
Disrupt - s/t NEW!
Dödsdömd - Samhällets fiender nr #1
Loud Pipes - The downhill blues
Moderat Likvidation - Mammutation
Skitkids - Besöket vid krubban NEW!
Tortyr - Ingen kommer undan
Uncurbed/Warvictims - Split
Victims - Killer
Warvictims - Until man exists no more (European press, pink vinyl)
Warvictims - Until man exists no more (US press, black vinyl)
Warvictims - Lögen om fredsavtalet
Warvictims - Domedagen
Warvictims/Flyblown - Split

Agathocles - Alive & mincing (live in Germany 2000) *
Besthöven - A bomb raid into your mind... discography 02-04
Crudity - The Total End
Disarm - Discography 1982-1987
Discard/Censur/Nyx Negativ - Split
Kvoteringen - Bister prognos
Mob 47 - Back to attack - 2xCD (few copies left)
Moderat Likvidation - Mammutation
Rattus - Stolen life
Skitliv! - v/a - 2xCD
Sverige mangel punk & hardcore... - V/a *
Tortyr - Ingen kommer undan
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Söndra & Härska
United Against Racism - v/a *
Unkind - Hangen syliin
Uncurbed/Warvictims - Split
Warcollapse - The final end
Warvictims - Until man exists no more
Warvictims - Scarred for life
Warvictims - Lögnen om fredsavtalet
Warvictims/Flyblown - Split
Warvictims - Domedagen

Electric Funeral - Gröndalen NEW!
Warvictims - Until man exists no more (very few copies left)
Warvictims - Memories of war (very few copies left)
Warvictims - Lögnen om fredsavtalet

Human Waste - Logo - 11M *
Svarta Tankar - Svarta tankar i skallen... - 1M *
Warvictims - Lp cover - 2S, 3M, 4L
Warvictims - Historien upprepas - 3M, 1L, 1XL, 4XXL
Warvictims - Ingen värdig begravning - 4M
Warvictims - Reality Dis-course - 3S, 4M, 2L, 2XL
D-takt & Råpunk Records - Logo - 4S, 3M, 1L

More Noise #1 (5sek)
More Noise #2 (5sek)
More Noise #3/Vapaus! #4 (5sek)
More Noise #4
Skitliv! #9 (few copies left)
Skitliv!#10 (few copies left)


D-takt & Råpunk - logo
D-takt & Råpunk - logo (embroided, 30sek)
Warvictims - logo
Warvictims - new logo
Warvictims - lögnen om fredsavtalet
Warvictims - skulls
Warvictims - d-beat rawpunk (disclose tribute)
Warvictims - dbeat destruction
(You'll find pics here)

Warvictims - Reality Dis-course

Ambulance, D-takt & Råpunk Records, Dödsdömd, Human Waste,
I love D-beat, Mardröm, Skitliv!, Uncle Charles, Warvictims

7”: 30kr / 3.20€ / 4.40$
10”: 60kr / 6.30€ / 8.80$
12”: 90kr / 9.50€ / 13.10$
* 12”: 100kr / 10.50€ / 14.60$
2x12": 140kr /
CD: 80kr / 8.40€ / 11.70$
* CD: 40kr / 4.20€ / 5.30$
2xCD: 120kr / 12.50€ / 17.50$
Tape: 25kr / 2.60€ / 3.7$
Zine: 10kr / 1€ / 1.50$
T-shirt: 80kr / 8.40€ / 11.70$
* T-shirt: 60kr / 6.30€ / 8.80$
Patch: 10kr (3 för 20kr) / 1€ / 1.50$
Backpatch: 20kr / 2.10€ / 3$
Pins: 5kr / 0.50€ / 0.80$
Plus postage!

Mail your orders
/questions to:
Labels get in touch for wholesales!
For further information,
check our MYSPACE!

Not Enough Herätys

Herätys, one of the best punk 12" in years, now back in stock. Get your copy while you still can, a must have!

Up next on N.E.R:
Sju Svåra År (finally!!!) and Realities of war (w/ members of Flyblown).

For more great punk/hardcore music, check out N.E.R homepage.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Two "new" Warvictims tracks

Warvictims have updated our myspace with two "new" tracks from upcoming split 7":s.

The 4-Way Split 12" and Trashpunk Terror Rampage 7" have been sent to us from the labels. Hope to have em here in some weeks.

For further info check our latest blog post at our myspace.

GO FILTH GO debute tape finally out

Drunk with power

Have been sober for a year now and I'll celebrate that with a nice video from a live show with Peter And The Test Tube Babies. By far not one of my favorites, but it gives me a nice flashback of good old days. Thanks to Åke for the clip.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fredagsmosh in Norrbotten

There's something special with the shows in Luleå. Norrbotten hardcore, norrbotten d-beat.

"Ni e fö jävla gamla fö å röja, dé e juh dé. jävla gubbjävlar, fan ni skämmer ut er" säger gubbjäveln själv.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Nordfest 2010

d&r hq are going to nordfest this weekend to check out watain, repugnant, aeon and syn:drom. we won't be abel to answer any mails until sunday/monday. metal up your ass!

new arrivals

New arrivals this week:
Skitkids - Besöket vid krubban - 12"
Disrupt - s/t - 12"
Besthöven - A lei do mais fraco... - 12"
Electric Funeral - Gröndalen - Tape