Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NO TOMORROW 4 way LP out now!

No tomorrow 4-way 12" finally in stock! We only got 18 copies so act fast if you wanna buy one. If we're running out
you can always order it direct from the labels; Crucificados (germany) and Bombs Away (norway).

1. Wheel of life (Anti Cimex), 2. Napalm raining like hell,
3. The night without silence, 4. Victims of a system slaughter,
5. Mass crematorium, 6. Tremores

1. Vi förtjänar att dö, 2. Unbearable reality, 3. War crimes,
4. A better tomorrow, 5. Den vidriga sanningen, 6. No point

1. Sheep became a dog soldier, 2. Nuclear warfare, 3. It's your choice, 4. Sinner judging the sin, 5. When the system break down

1. Peliando por mierda, 2. Odio a la musica, 3. Outro dia de tortura, 4. Realidad, 5. The leader of the fucking asshole (The Shitlickers)

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