Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final touch, last recording day.

Fetebob screaming his guts out.

Guitar solos and distorted madness!

Jocke and his famous cellphone. Can't live without it. Seems like he's got a very funny message.

Jocke and Per signing the wall of fame at Empire Studio.

Now we're almost done with the latest recordings and we're very pleased with the result. After doing some guitarsolos and screaming, Per went back to Gothenburg yesterday, so his "work" is done for this time.

We ended up with 27 tracks all in all. The first recording session (17 of the tracks) is almost completed. The only thing missing are the vocals from Jocke SS, after that we're gonna start mixing them.

On the other 10 tracks only the vocal parts are missing, but that should probably be done in a couple of weeks. When the mixing is finished we're gonna start searching for a label who wanna release a LP with about half of the 27 tracks. But hopefully that won't be a problem. If you, or someone you know is up for it, contact us! (skitliv666@gmail.com).

That's all for now, cheers!

Vocal session and new records out!

The new Warre 7" (Dogs of war) is here! At last. Limited edition only through D&R. Brrrraaah!

Moderat Likvidation (Mammutation) 12" and Tortyr (Ingen kommer undan) 12" as well. Finally! All orders will be sent later today.

Sylen and Per getting ready for photosession. Leather, bristles, studs and acne.

Jocke and Sylen = rawpunks in work. No more beard.

Time for some vocals. Yiiiihaaaa! Sounds fucking great! Imagine Svart Parad back in the days.

Gofika för faaaan!

Per likes his coffee black.

Warre april 09.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Recording session nr:2

Flea market at Folkets Hus, Östersund. We found some movies, books and a "midjeväska" for Per.

We also bought a paper with the infamous guitarist Kee Marcello of Europes autograph. He couldn't come to the studio so we had to play all the solos by ourselfs.

New studio (casa de charla detrás), new recording. Ten new tracks was recorded, 4-6 of em will be released as a 7". Check Warres myspace for further info.

Per in rawpunk action.

Sylen and Per during the recording. Check out Pers headphones. No fucking joke!

Jocke looks like a "svärmorsdröm". He had a very good time, as you can see.

Sylen making some new rawpunk riffs. Gubbjävel.

Per recording guitar nr two. Asta Kask pic.

Yet another coffee break. We drink a lot of coffee to stay awake. "Då tar jag mig en köpp, då kommer en på töpp..." - E.M.

Sylens gear for this recordning.

Pers gear for this recording.

Sylen had a "viol tablett" and lost one tooth. Bummer. 625kr fattigare.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day off!

Who wanna spend a sunny day in the studio? At least not Warre.

Hiking metal punks at Mount Frösön.

Carbingo at Häggenås. Per and Monkey only had one nr left for 1000sek. Sylen is a fulltime carbingo pro with three sesons on the go. First time for Per, he made some new friend, "team skitbra" and two dogs among all the other white trash players.

In the break we had coffe and Brago cookies. Instead of numbers coming out from the speakers in the background it came wonderful "dansbandsmusik". We heard the original tunes of "Epa traktor". Noone can top Meduzas version though.

We ended this great day with Tacos and Robinson. Bojaka!

Tomorrow we might continue with our recording, but first we will do a "loppisrunda" in search for books, records, campingchairs and new clothes. Have a nice evening, see ya.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fucked up friday!

Today was a really good day beside that there was no vocals recorded. All music is all done, except the guitar solo parts that we will take care of on monday since the studio is booked tomorrow and sunday by another band. As usual the lyrics was not done when it was time to record the vocals. It would have been great to make the process short this time and not like the other recording sessions that's been taken 8-14 months to be finished and released. But it seems like we will follow the same old paths...

We're almost done with the second guitar and now we're having "kärringfika". So far so good.

We're relaxing after the mastodont "kärringfikat".

Per recording the last chords on guitar nr three. We used three pedals at the same time. Pure fucking Disclose style! When Per was having a beer Sylen played the guitar so there wouldn't be any gap in the recording. All three guitars have different sounds and we are really satisfied with the result.

Yet another break before murder bass takes. Jockes cellphone was glued to his hand all day/night.

Sylen press rec and play the bass at the same time. All bass was over in only two hours. We recorded two channels on all songs, one distorted like hell and one clean line (80 hardcore sound). Per played the bass on most of the songs cause Sylen had to track down the long lost records (Moderat Likvidation 12", Tortyr 12" and Warvictims 7"). Per plays just like Rainy.

Per in a candystore. Dinner time before vocals.

Sylen lights a "pipa" after having a "kööörv-mosbricka" at statoil.

Final touch with the lyrics. But that was about all... Meanwhile Sylen and Per is working around the clock Jocke have more important things to do then hanging out in the studio and finish this recording. To bad cause we was excited to hear some vocals this night. Jocke have done a good job with writing all the warpoems.

Drums - check
Guitar one - check
Guitar two - check
Guitar three - check
Bass - check
Jocke vocals - check
Per vocals - check
Guitar solo - check
Sylen vocals - check

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anger management, studio diary.

Yesterday we started recording new tracks with Warvictims!

The future of the band has been uncertain since last year, but now we're back in business.
On thuesday night Per took the train from Gothenburg to Östersund and arrived early wednesday morning. We began recording the same afternoon, but only did guitars on 4 of the tracks before we made an somewhat early night. Today we managed to finish the first guitar around 11pm, but we had 13 songs to go which seemed like endless work. No inspiration what so ever, sick and tired of everything. So we took a dinner break around 3 and had some pizza. That gave us new powers and five tracks was recorded in a "pisskvart". Bojacka!

11 hours passed by and we're done with the first guitar and added the second guitar on 6 of the total 17. Most of the tracks will end up on our new LP. This time, the sound will have a more crunchier and distorted feeling to it. Think like a mix between Disclose and Totalitär.
Also, when these tracks are done (except for vocals) we will record another 10 tracks at another studio. Drums are already recorded, so we only need to come up with a couple of chords for them... Two labels have shown intrest in releasing something, and it looks like the tracks will be for a split 7" with an american band and 7" of our own. More info about that later.

Jocke in backseat of the car, on the way to the studio.

Fucking rawpunk pedalboard! Kawakami is Pers biggest inspiration.

Sylen at work, Empire Studio. Jocke adjusting lyrics in the background.

Per is making some noise.

Pizza (skita i brallan) time! Cowabunga!

Sylen got two letters from friends in Japan. The happiest moment all day...

Taking a short break in all madness.

Inspiration for total d-beat mayhem destruction.

Monday, April 13, 2009

new songs on myspace.

Just updated our myspace with some new d-beat tunes. Blow your brains out!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Distro update!

365 Dagar Av Synd - Reu nu pert em hru
Ana Barata/Speedergarben - Split
Disclose/Framtid - Split
Dödsdömd - De sju dödsynderna
Dödsdömd/Dödsdömd - Split
Eliminate - The attrition E.p.
Grande Roses - Arctic heart
Half Gorilla - Graceless beasts
Human Waste/Totalt Jävla Mörker - Split - 2x7”
Human Waste/Uncle Charles - Split
Loutish - Total devastation
Mardröm - Deras profit, våran död
Nuclear Death Terror - Ceasless desolation
Protestant/Get Rad - Split
Raging Fugitives - s/t
Skitslickers - Gbg 1982
Statement By Ant - Be all
Vae Victis/Give Up All Hope - Split
Warvictims/High Tension
More World, Less Bank - v/a (Skitsystem, Coma, Human Waste + more)

Disclose/Gates - Split

Acursed - Tunneln i ljusets slut *
Anti Cimex - Fucked in Sweden *
Anti Cimex - Demos 81-85 *
Consume - Discography *
Discard/Nyx Negativ - Split *
Dödsdömd - Samhällets fiender nr #1
Eskupe - ...en todos los lugares...
Massmord - Unleashed
Pisschrist - Victims of faith *
Raw Hate - s/t *
Warvictims - Until man exists no more (European press, pink vinyl)
Warvictims - Until man exists no more (US press)
Warvictims - Lögen om fredsavtalet

Agathocles - Alive & mincing (live in Germany 2000)
Anti Cimex - The records 81-86
Anti Cimex - Demos 81-85
Disbeer - Kids in satanic service *
Discard/Censur/Nyx Negativ - Split
Disgust - The horror of it all… *
End Of All - The art of decadence
Flame The Fire - Buy everything *
Human Waste/Uncle Charles - Split (live)
Kvoteringen - Bister prognos
Malik - Tills mitt hjärta slutar slå *
Mutual Assured – Destruction *
Project Hopeless - Välkommen till vår sopfyllda fabrik
Sound Your Alarm - s/t
To What End? - The purpose beyond
Wartorn - In the name of the father…
Warvictims - Until man exists no more
Warvictims - Scarred for life
Warvictims - Lögnen om fredsavtalet
Warvictims/Flyblown - Split
Warvictims - Total destruction
Havoc - v/a, The first 15 years... (Wolfbrigade, Regulations, D.S-13 + more) *
Japan In Decline - v/a (Frigöra, Unholy Grave, Mass Genocide + more)
Sverige mangel punk & hardcore... - v/a (M:40, Sprängd + more)
They’ve Taken Everything - v/a (Avskum, Misery, Phobia + more)
United Against Racism - v/a (Assel, Skywalkers + more) *
War never change - v/a (N.D.T, Dödsdömd, Dislickers + more) *

Dödsdömd - Samhällets fiender nr #1
Slong - The immortal sin
Warvictims - Until man exists no more
Warvictims - Scarred for life
Warvictims - Memories of war
Warvictims - Lögnen om fredsavtalet

Agitate #6 (Extinction Of Mankind, Ruin + more)
Agitate #7 (Gasmask Terror, Lebenden Toten + more)
Agitate #8 (Besthöven, After The Massacre + more)
Agitate #9 (Dissystema, After The Bombs, Warcrimes + more)
Agitate #10 (Giftgasattack, Warvictims, Holokaust + more)
Skitliv! #6 (Krigshot, Massgrav, Personkrets 3:1 + more)
Skitliv! #7 (Acursed, 3-Way Cum, Bombstrike + more)
Skitliv! #8 (Kvoteringen, Giftgasattack, Rajoitus + more)
Skitliv! #9 (Rövsvett, Atomvinter, Skitslakt + more)
Skitliv! #10 (Anti Cimex, Moderat Likvidation, Mob 47 + more)

Ambulance - Thrash & destroy (red print) - 1L
Ambulance - Thrash & destroy (white print) - 1M *
Babylon - Chrille P - 1S *
Dödsdömd - New logo (yellow print) - 3S *
Human Waste - Logo - 16M *
Our Bleeding Empire - Logo and skull - 2M *
Svarta Tankar - Svarta tankar i skallen... - 1M *
Uncle Charles - In crust we trust - 1M
Warvictims - Lp cover - 3S, 4M, 4L
Warvictims - Historien upprepas - 3M, 1L, 1XL, 4XXL
Warvictims - Ingen värdig begravning - 4M, 1L
Warvictims - D-beat destruction - 1M
Warvictims/Besthöven - Soldier boy - 1S, 1M

Agathocles - Logo
Artimus Pyle - Logo and skull
Assel - Logo
Brother Inferior - Logo
Bruce Banner - Logo
Bruce Banner - Logo with eyes
Charles Bronson - Logo
Coma - Logo
Corrupted - Logo
Counterblast - Logo
Knugen Faller - Logo
Krigsbikkjan - Logo
Massgrav - Logo
Meanwhile - Simple logo
Relevant Few - Logo
Sewn Shut - Logo
Suicide Blitz - Logo
Tristess - Logo
Unholy Grave - Logo
Uncle Charles - Logo
Warvictims - Disclose rip
Warvictims - Logo
Warvictims - Logo/skull with wings
Warvictims - D-beat destruction
Warvictims - Historien upprepas

Ambulance - Trash & destroy
Our Bleeding Empire - Logo and skull
Warvictims - Historien upprepas

D-takt & Råpunk Records
Human Waste
I love D-beat
Uncle Charles

7”: 30kr / 2.80€ / 3.80$
2x7”: 50kr / 4.70€ / 6.20$
10”: 50kr / 4.70€ / 6.20$
12”: 80kr / 7.50€ / 10$
* 12”: 90kr / 8.50€ / 11.30$
CD: 80kr / 7.50€ / 10$
* CD: 40kr / 3.75€ / 5$
2xCD: 100kr / 9.40€ / 12.50$
Tape: 25kr / 2.30€ / 3.10$
Zine: 10kr / 1€ / 1.25$
T-shirt: 80kr / 7.50€ / 10$
* T-shirt: 60kr / 5.60€ / 7.50$
Patch: 10kr (3 för 20kr) / 1€ / 1.25$
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Pins: 5kr / 0.50€ / 0.60$

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