Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vocal session and new records out!

The new Warre 7" (Dogs of war) is here! At last. Limited edition only through D&R. Brrrraaah!

Moderat Likvidation (Mammutation) 12" and Tortyr (Ingen kommer undan) 12" as well. Finally! All orders will be sent later today.

Sylen and Per getting ready for photosession. Leather, bristles, studs and acne.

Jocke and Sylen = rawpunks in work. No more beard.

Time for some vocals. Yiiiihaaaa! Sounds fucking great! Imagine Svart Parad back in the days.

Gofika för faaaan!

Per likes his coffee black.

Warre april 09.

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