Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day off!

Who wanna spend a sunny day in the studio? At least not Warre.

Hiking metal punks at Mount Frösön.

Carbingo at Häggenås. Per and Monkey only had one nr left for 1000sek. Sylen is a fulltime carbingo pro with three sesons on the go. First time for Per, he made some new friend, "team skitbra" and two dogs among all the other white trash players.

In the break we had coffe and Brago cookies. Instead of numbers coming out from the speakers in the background it came wonderful "dansbandsmusik". We heard the original tunes of "Epa traktor". Noone can top Meduzas version though.

We ended this great day with Tacos and Robinson. Bojaka!

Tomorrow we might continue with our recording, but first we will do a "loppisrunda" in search for books, records, campingchairs and new clothes. Have a nice evening, see ya.

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Orb. said...

Hehe, låter som en lysande dag!