Monday, February 1, 2016

Support and help punk familia in Finland!

My worst nightmare became reality for a friend and his family in Finland. There was a fire in their house and they lost all their belongings except for some clothes. Everyone in the family is unharmed and safe but the devastation was total. The worst part for Arto is that he's entire record collection was lost in the fire. I can't even imagine how it must feel. But I do know how much I really appreciated all your support when I was hit by the flood in 2014.

Arto emailed me the tragic news in person over a week ago and I replied that I was eager to help in any way that is needed. Then I didn't know that this GOFUNDME page was createdNow lets's spread this link like wildfire and together we'll help a family rebuild a living. Together we actually make a difference!

I speak
from personal experience when I say please give Arto and his family some breathing room. When they feel ready
they will undoubtedly get in touch in one way or another.

Please help spread this message! Here is the link: