Friday, February 15, 2013

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: The limited version of Institution is now officially sold out. BUT 30-35% who order from us never pay and complete their orders. So don't mistrust yet because we will probably have a few for sale in two weeks. I always give everyone up to two weeks before I put the records up for sale again. We still have plenty of black ones in stock though. Same music, same cover, even 5sek cheaper. I will take care of all your mails/orders after the weekend. Be patient. Thanks.

Need some weekend reading? Suspect Device just updated their blog with a new Desperat interview. Paper zine to follow. You can also read about us in the latest Zero Tolerance Magazine (#51). Cheers Corm! Our first show for -13 is booked too, read more about it here.

Soundtrack: The Baboon Show - People's Republic Of The Baboon Show Formerly Known As Sweden

Thursday, February 14, 2013


DTAKT051: Dispose - Horror Revival - 12" = 90sek

DTAKT052: Institution - Världens Ändstation - 7" = 35sek

100x Institution limited edition on clear vinyl for all collector bastards (like myself) = 40sek SOLD OUT!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


...what is it good for? These damn computers and social networking. Mumble mumble... We're doing a home makeover so we might be a little slow on all your mails for the upcoming two weeks. My whole apartment are upside down, can't find anything in the mess. And yes, the rumors are true, but please be patient. Everything has its time.

Soundtrack: State Of Fear - Wallow In Squalor Ep

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Martyrdöd - Paranoia 12" - European press OUT NOW!

European version with some small changes out now! Martyrdöd Paranoia was originally released by Southern Lord. Great thanks to Greg! This version turned out much better than i hoped. Go ape shit.

* Regular, 400 copies (black vinyl) = 100sek
* Limited, 100 copies (coloured vinyl + embroidered patch) = 115sek
+ postage. Labels/distros get in touch for w/s.

The limited edition can only be bought from D&R. With some luck you might be able to find a copy at a show on the upcoming european tour Martyrdöd is doing with Rotten Sound and Enabler later this month. Pre-orders are being taken care of us we speak.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013


32 pages filled to the very edges of hardcore punk rock. An extensive Terrible Feelings 2012 tour diary, a re-used Tatuerade Snutkukar interview and three new fresh ones with US raw punks Peroxide, Suomi-punks Vaarallinen from Singapore and the unpolished Swedish unit Honnör SS. Lastly we also included a couple of best-of-2012 lists and once again some photos courtesy of Chris Agitate. It all comes graced with some great cover art made by Andy of Endless Grinning Skulls/Viral Age Records. 10sek + postage.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekend madness + february mailorder

By far the best hardcore seven inch I've heard in years, okey months. Really intense and furious songs including all "must haves" needed in a classic hardcore song. When a friend told me about Coke Bust the first time I thought he said "Cock Bust", what a worthless band name was all I could think about.
Another kick-ass band that you really need to check up is Side Effects from Oakland, US. I demand you! I have listen to their cassette lp more than 25-30 times in the past week. Am not kidding. Am pretty convinced that these two bands will give you a pleasant friday.

New mailorder zine for february is out, besides the updated distro list there's an interview with Martyrdöd, which 12" should be out next week (I'll keep you posted). But also Sound Pollution's record of the month + more punk related stuff. Free with orders, not for sale!

Last but not least, after years of delay the Warvictims/Skunk split 7" is out apparently. last thing. Got the re-press of Desperat's "Demokrati eller diktatur" on yellow vinyl this week too.

Haha, I forgot, do you wanna hear a sample from the upcoming Institution 7"? Thought so. Just tune in this sunday and crank up your speakers and you will get high voltage swedish hardcore. Yeah. Well, that's it, no more news for this friday. Have a nice weekend.