Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hotet från skogarna - v/a - 12" OUT NOW!

This is not a D&R release but I have been involved in this release from the very first beginning to the end. The releaseparty starts today and it will continue tomorrow. 8 local punk/hc bands with 2 tracks each. Ltd in 350 copies, comes on green vinyl. In stock now, 90sek + postage! Click HERE for complete tracklist.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HOTET FRÅN SKOGARNA - släppfesten (in swedish)

Imorgon smäller det på Storsjöteatern i Östersund. Moron Express täcker upp för Thräshers som vart inställt tidigare här i veckan.
Från och med imorgon så kommer jag även att ha samlings 12" till försäljning här på bloggen. 90kr + frakt. För mer info, klick klick!

Att möta mörkret - en essä av Mosher (in swedish)

Mosher har gjort en galet djupgående essä om Totalt Jävla Mörkers skiva "Söndra & Härska". Så pass intressant och välformulerat skrivet att jag var tvungen till att rota fram skivan och lyssna på den igen så här ca tre år senare. Trots att jag hatar att lyssna på min egen musik.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sad news...two canceled shows. Fuck!

Sad news punks and thrashers, boys and girls. Thräsher will not play neither at the releaseparty for "Hotet Från Skogarna" nor at "Punks 44". Please don't ask me why cause am already as pissed off as I can be that I miss the chance to play at probably the rawest punk festival for this year! Just check the line up, and the flyer at your left is not even the updated one. Don't mistrust, the almighty Infernöh will fill Thräshers spot. Even a much better band my opinion.

Soundtrack: Damian Marley - Road to zion

Monday, May 28, 2012

Made in Japan, live 12" - DTAKT040

Look what the cat dragged in! Surprise. The latest D&R release, a live 12" from Tokyo, Japan. Releaseparty took place at Scumfest. Sold all we brought but we have more in stock.

Printed on recycling eco paper and it comes with 42x60cm b/w poster. Totally amazing artwork by no less then Sugi. 20 tracks recorded live at Earth Dom, Tokyo. Line up: Mob 47, Skizophrenia, Desperat and Piss-Stop. Ltd edition of 350 copies. No w/s, no pre-orders! First come, first served. 120sek + postage.

Thanks to everyone + quote of the weekend

Big thanks to everyone who came and supported us this weekend at Scumfest. Hope to see you all very soon again. Photo by Pogger.

"Love punk, hate punks".
- London punk in Totalitär shirt.

Hotet Från Skogarna - V/a - 12"

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grundskolan + Infernöh news!

A few weekends ago I recorded a bunch of tracks with this quite new local band called Grundskolan. They got it mixed by Parasit and if you wanna hear what it sounds like,then click HERE. Wanna know em a little bit more? Well, good news cause Invisible Guy is making an interview serie with all bands from the "Hotet från skogarna" project/comp 12". One new band each day until the releaseparty. Nough said, crank it up punkrockers!

INFERNÖH 12" related news; we will maybe have some deluxe packages for sale next week cause a few who made pre-orders don't seems to want em any more. The only bad thing with this is that each and every order was specifically ordered for the person who did the order so you will have to take the sizes that's left.
First press is almost sold out, we're down to the last 20-30 copies or so. Maybe more if some distros don't want their orders. But still there is time to grab a copy, plenty of the second press though.
I will also update with a list of which distros that will have this record next week.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


First press: 180g black vinyl, extra heavy jackets (glossy), printed innersleeves. 100sek + postage.

Second press: standard white vinyl, black inner bags, jackets (matt lamination), inlay. 90sek + postage.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A church full of skulls and asian chili sauce in Czech

Thanks to Barvak, Obscene Society crew, all the great bands that played and of course everyone that showed up and made our weekend a pleasant ride. Hope to see you all in not too distant future!
Three best things in Czech: meet Mirek again after ten long years, Chili sauce and daytrip to Kostnice Sedlec. Guess we will post some pictures at Desperat's blog later this week or so. F.O.A.D!

Soundtrack: March Of The Hordes

Win Giftgasattack t-shirts, part 1/3 (only size small!)

Årre/Giftgasattack was so kind and gave me three screen printed shirts (all in size small) left over after their recent gigs. I won't sell them since I got them for free, instead it will be three independent competitions. Here is the first one; just guess what the three images below have in common. Email me your answer ( The winner will pay for the postage!

UPDATE: The competition is already over so no need to keep mailing me. The correct answer was "Eddie Meduza". Do not despair, we have two more shirts.

This is where Eddie started his career with his first band "Pack of losers".

"En rock i Velinga".

Parts of "Studio Ronka" at the exhibition in Tidaholm.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Short update!

There are many who mailed and asked how am doing since I have not updated the blog in over two weeks. I feel relatively alright, just a lot of work to do, some bands related stuff to take care of and some private affairs. But I'm not dead, just sick and tired.

This break has given me time for other things and I do not know what the future will look like for this blog. Who cares really? The only question is how to get the important and relevant information about my release and the band we release and support? Any ideas?

And now, finally some good news!! The INFERNÖH 12" will be sent from the pressing plant 10/5. It's been a long time coming. I will mail each and everyone that have pre-order it this upcoming week about further info. MASSGRAV 12" will be out by the end of May.

Soundtrack: Errol - S/t