Monday, May 14, 2012

A church full of skulls and asian chili sauce in Czech

Thanks to Barvak, Obscene Society crew, all the great bands that played and of course everyone that showed up and made our weekend a pleasant ride. Hope to see you all in not too distant future!
Three best things in Czech: meet Mirek again after ten long years, Chili sauce and daytrip to Kostnice Sedlec. Guess we will post some pictures at Desperat's blog later this week or so. F.O.A.D!

Soundtrack: March Of The Hordes


årre said...

tuppsås is the law! det är så jävla fint, man kan ha det på allt.

Peder said...

fan jag e också beroende av nån såndär sås.. e av samma mäske men min har en örn på.. lite tuffare kanske? hehe