Monday, May 14, 2012

Win Giftgasattack t-shirts, part 1/3 (only size small!)

Årre/Giftgasattack was so kind and gave me three screen printed shirts (all in size small) left over after their recent gigs. I won't sell them since I got them for free, instead it will be three independent competitions. Here is the first one; just guess what the three images below have in common. Email me your answer ( The winner will pay for the postage!

UPDATE: The competition is already over so no need to keep mailing me. The correct answer was "Eddie Meduza". Do not despair, we have two more shirts.

This is where Eddie started his career with his first band "Pack of losers".

"En rock i Velinga".

Parts of "Studio Ronka" at the exhibition in Tidaholm.

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johan said...

eddie meduza