Friday, February 14, 2020

Bombanfall - Distros, labels and stores

Below you'll find a full list of all distros, labels and stores that bought and have the Bombanfall reissue. Unless they have not sold out or received it yet. But first...
There have been discussions (complains) that we only sold a limited amount of 10 copies for each distro/store. The main reason for that is that we would rather see this reissue reach more countries, distros and people instead of selling 100 copies in one order to one store. Now the same number reaches ten different distros and stores. Don't understand why anyone see this as something negative.

Regarding a second press, that decision totally lies on the band. If it were only up to us, we would've pressed 1000 copies to begin with and taken it from there. Hopefully you understand our point of view, and respect the band's wishes, and that this makes everything a little clearer for everyone.

Distros and record stores:
Material World Records (US)
Record Shop Base (Japan)
La France Pue

Revenge Records (Japan)
Distro-y (Ireland)
Godzilla Records (UK)
Urinal Vinyl (UK)
Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes (US)
Viral Age Records (UK)
Adult Crash (Denmark)
Phobia Records (Czech Republic)
RSR (Germany)
General Speech (US)
Give Em Hell (Germany)
Txunpa Txunpa Records (Spain)
Blown Out Media (US)
Static Shock Musik (Germany)
Punk & Destroy (Japan)
Sorry State Records (US)
Rawmantic Disasters (Germany)
Break The Records (Japan)
Velted Regnub (US)
Scarecrow Records (Greece)
Extreme Noise Records/Desolate (US)
Sound Pollution (Sweden)

It's also still available directly from us:

1x Bombanfall 7" = 161sek/app. $17.
2x Bombanfall 7" = 247sek/app. $26 ($13/each).
Incl. shipping world wide

UPDATE: Sold out!

Really no need to buy it from discogs for +$25/each, plus shipping. Mail: