Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Upcoming shows + shop/label closed!

17/7 - Trästocksfestivalen, w/ Totalt Jävla Mörker
31/7 - Hygget, w/ 偏執症者 (Paranoid)

The shop/label will be closed until first week of August. Let's call it vacation. I need it, I deserve it. But as always feel free to mail orders/questions but be prepared that it might take a while to get a response. All orders that are paid for up to this day will be sent before I leave, the rest will have to wait until I'm back. Vi ses på motorvägarna och på en sandstrand nära dig, upp sommar-punken!

Soundtrack: Second Sun - Hopp/Förtvivlan

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

偏執症者 (Paranoid) = New song/video

Taken from the upcoming album, which is delayed and expected in September. Like any other punk vinyl releases throughout the world right now. Arrghh! The result and the beauty of Record fucking Store Day and the "new" vinyl hype among all genres.
once again, the major labels have found a way to earn yet a few dollars more as the kids buy 'Back on black' 180g vinyl. They rip their vinyls into low resolution mp3's and
listen to their newly bought Iphone and call themselves "trve vinyl freak" on instagram. WTF!? I'm not bitter, I just think that the world is corrupt and lopsided.

, we figured offer something extra to celebrate that we are hitting the roads again.
See you all in Norrland and Oulu, Finland this weekend.
Blow your speakers!

Cover of the month (pt. 7) - Day of reckoning

Summer knocking on the door and most of you have already started your holiday. Well, time to change the warm, happy and positive feeling with cover nr #7. This is probably the most unexpected one yet so far. Obviously though, Paranoid is named after the Black Sabbath's second album, so the connection to doom metal might not really be that remote, but still this mix of one of the fastest and one of the slowest genres might have not been exactly what some had foreseen from us. We once discussed doing a live cover version of the title track of Paranoid, but that idea was abandoned quite fast, because the song generally felt a bit watered down and there is no one in the world that can beat the original. No one! But also too much of a predictable and boring choice.

Still, the thought of doing a cover of an up tempo doom-tune lived on, and once the title track from Pentagram's second album came to mind, it felt right immediately, and in the countless suggestions of which songs to choose for this project, it stood out as an idea interesting enough to make it all the way to the studio. The way that the riffs in this song are arranged, it's almost like it originally was meant to be a raw punk song. When played in d-beat, it could just as well have been written by any hardcore-worshipping band from the early 80's and up to date.

The final result turned out very satisfying, and of the covers we've recorded, it's definitely the most unique interpretation of our covers we've made, compared to the original version. It also feels great to pay homage to this fantastic band, that along with bands like Saint Vitus, Trouble and Pagan Altar have delivered some of the finest works in the history of this genre. For the guitar-solo, August Låsgårdh (Henrik's twin brother) from the local doom-band King Malice gave us some help, when we couldn't really get it right ourselves. As the super untalented musicians we are. Hehe. Noise not music!

For all trve crust-punks out there who only heard about Discharge before but got a taste for some more doom, we can warmly recommend you to broaden your horizons with Pentagram 'S/t' (Relentless), Saint Vitus 'S/t', Trouble 'The Skull' and Pagan Altar 'Volume 1'. All classics.