Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mot en strålande framtid...

The end of 2015, just under 2h left, is approaching and I was going to end this year writing something clever. Well, I don't know what to write so I let it be. I'm still alive, trying to make up for lost time and just enjoying my free time doing absolutely nothing.
I have done
a deep dive and a large inventory of my stocks.
I found some things that I thought were out of stock and some other fun stuff. More about that when I'm back in 2-3 month. Meanwhile you are always welcome to email your questions and orders. But be prepared that it might take a few days, even weeks, before you receive a response. 

I guess I just wanted to say thanks and cheers to all the bands that I worked with (old and new), my own band mates, all of you who support D&R by buying our releases, labels and distros, other partners in crime, people who helped me and my bands with mixes and layouts, organizers + everyone who fed and given me shelter when we've been on tour and the rest who enriched my 2015 in one way or another.

Out on D-takt & Råpunk Records sometime in 2016: Exploatör, Misiliski, Honnör SS, Bombanfall + more... Stayed tuned!

Monday, November 30, 2015


1.12 Turku, Kirjakahvila
2.12 Tampere, Vastavirta-klubi
3.12 Helsinki, Oranssi
4.12 Lappeenranta, Lucky Monkees
5.12 Kouvola, Bar Downtown
6.12 Oulu, Tukikohta

I'll bring parts of the D-takt & Råpunk distro with me on the TOUR. See you on the roads and in the mosh pit. When I'm back home, mid next week, I will have plenty of catching up to do, have patience!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

偏執症者 - Punkdemonium Hell. NEW song!

Oh...I forgot. We posted this new song a few days ago taken from the upcoming flexi "Punkdemonium Hell", that we will release just in time for the Suomi Saatana tour.
We'll start sell what's left via our band mail as soon as we're back. We did them mainly as a fun tour-thing. 250 made so you better act fast. Band release (PND03), mail orders here:

Monday, November 23, 2015

On the road...again...and again... + IMPORTANT messages!

25/11 Linköping, The Crypt
26/11 Göteborg, Musikens Hus
27/11 Oslo, Blå
28/11 Arvika, Kvarteret

This past year I have been the worst at check and answer my emails. Not to speak of the past two months as I've been terribly bad! I'm well aware. My time is extremely limited which I truly felt the last few weeks. Which you all might have noticed as well. I do get all of your emails and trust me, I don't ignore you on purpose, I have simply no time to reply. My deepest apologies!
I have no idea how many times I wrote "I'll have a look tomorrow or latest the day after" and "Please have patience, mail you back asap!" the past weeks. Fuck, just shoot me already for repeating myself over and over again! I try my very best catching up, but its never enough. Always
one step forward and two hundred back.

These are the facts; I still dont own a cell-phone so I have to turn on my old computer and wait for about 5min before it wakes up everytime time I'll check my mail.
I don't get an email straight into my inside jacket pocket on a mobile as most other today. Latley I've also had "Computer free days/weekends". Which means that I turn it off thursday night and logging in again monday morning. A few days out of reach, so to speak.
In the past I had ALL D-takt & Råpunk stuff at home (
in my apartment), which I dont have today. I have it all at "The D-beat Dungeon", and there I'm only 1-2 times/week. When I'm at the warehouse I try my very best at answering and packing as many packages as possible. But try answer +150mails, weigh tons of orders and pack +35 packages in 2-3hours. Good luck with that! ;o)

I have a day time job, play in no less then four...five...six(?) active (touring/recording/rehearsing) bands/projects, make layout stuff for all the bands (plus others), work as a sound engineer, run a label that just released six new releases + try keep up with some kind of family life on top of that. Yes,
I need to cut back on a few things.

I really hate people who whine and complain about their situation, and I don't seek or ask for your pity, I only try to get you to understand what my life looks like. And I must be completely honest with you, I have questioned myself and my lifestyle last month. I love it all, but do I really have the time? Is it worth it? In one way or another, all are suffering. People have to wait several weeks for a response, I get anxious because I always behind with everything, and my family gets an absent and very confused person that is barely home. My head is a total mess, more than usually, and I'm constantly tired. And I still owe the bank 80.000sek ($8700/8200€) for a loan I took after the flood.

It's barely that I see the fun in it anymore. It's mostly just bunch of musthaves, demands and complaints. It kind of turned into a shitty job with bad working hours and no pay. The combination of that I'm very tired, current mainstream vinyl hype and people always misunderstand me and think I don't care about them just because I don't answer in a week makes me question the whole thing. Maybe it's just better to end it all?

People get
annoyed if they do not get an answer within two hours, and in some cases I cant blame them. But how much I try, I don't have time with everything that should be done. I think it's a damn shame that I dont have time for my friends and to not be able answer on a more personal level than simply answering "yes/no", or a total of a record order in my emails. Fucking sucks!

large and very important factor in the whole situation is the current vinyl hype as I just mentioned. Record store day, major labels making money on vinyl re-issues blah blah bullshit. That plus constantly having to argue with pressing plants like Xvinylx (mail for further info), delayed releases and yet more...complains. It makes you just wanna closing for good and never to open again. I mean the last D&R releases I waited over EIGHT month and spent countless hours/days mailing and calling the pressing plant and various courier firms. What the fuck?!  
The prices for pressing a vinyl have gone up and the pressing plants give you much worse quality and service. Pay more for less. Bad equation if you ask me. Its like the pressing plants dont give a fuck about the DIY labels that kept them alive since the CD revolution in th 90's. Sadly, money talks.

Then we have Postnord (swedish post service). They turned totally out of control. Dont even get me started...
I'm at war with everyone and everything. In any case, people who don't behave and do what they get (over) paid for.

often point out in my emails that I have little time and that they should be patient if their package may take an extra day or two.
I have to thank you all that really take it in a good way and are actually cool with it and patiently just waiting for your turn. It may take some time but I ALWAYS answer ALL mails that I get, sooner or later. It's only SPAM-mails from bands asking for a "record deal" that may take several years before I answer. Don't hold your breath while you wait, just saying.

Since I have very much to do and think about right now, and if you have not received a response within 2-3 weeks, then mail me again please. In some cases it is good with a little reminder. I dont mind at all =) But sending me 2-3 mails in a day wont help at all.
Dont get me wrong, I love getting mails and I'm really greatful for all your orders. Keep em coming.

To sum up and finish this post; after these four dates (see above), I'll be home just for ONE day to repack before I leave again. Another week on the desolate roads in Finland with 偏執症者 awaits. See tour dates here
Which means I will have very limited and poor access to internet and answering mails/orders coming weeks. Distro/shop will be closed until Dec. 10. Help me spread the message and word. Please have patience, I'll mail you back asap! Haha.  

As always, mail me as much as you want but be prepared that it might take a little while before you get an answer.
I aim to have an empty inbox in late December, for I will take a well-deserved break from everything for at least two months starting 2016-01-01.

Ain't music fun?
Soundtrack: De Lyckliga Kompisarna - Bara tiden är ny

Friday, November 13, 2015

On the road...again. Desperat + Mob 47 Live!

Over 14 months since the last time. Exciting to see how this will end. But first 6h drive to Stockholm.

Soundtrack: Meanwhile - The road to hell

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Absolut/偏執症者 (Paranoid) - Split 12" (US), 2x7" (EUR).

 2x7" on Crucificados/Phobia (Europe).

12" on Brain Solvent Propaganda/Beach Impediment (Usa).

I've been really busy and scatter-brained lately, so I totally forgot and missed to post the flyers for this great looking and sounding piece of split with Absolut. Cover art by Sugi. Mail the labels (see links above) for prices, order and further info. D&R don't have any copies in stock. Both versions comes with gatefold cover + reg/ltd editions.

Soundtrack: Horna - Hengen Tulet

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cover of the month (pt. 11) - Too old too cold

Darkthrone are a band that probably most people know about from their early years as the unchallenged primitive (unholy) black metal masters. At that very moment when you heard "In the shadow of the horns" for the first time, just being one of the rawest song to ever come out of your speakers, is an experience that most of us won't easily forget, or perhaps ever will experience again.

That combined with the cold and dark feeling that lies within both the music and lyrics as well as the album covers is something that has captivated countless of people and spawned thousands of clones trying to recreate the same feeling and atmosphere. But, as we all know, none of them have ever been able to create something that comes even close to the original, which is a subject that the lyrics of this song that we've chosen supposedly deals with.
Constantly being copied and imitated over and over again must be quite frustrating, which probably could be one of the reasons for them to abandon their past and going into new directions and new paths with "The Cult is Alive", and the four albums that have followed. The total respectlessness for what other people might think and want them to do is something that isn't very common these days. And the fuck-off-we-do-what-we-want punk attitude gives them a respect that few other bands deserve.

I wasn't really convinced the first time I heard "The Cult is Alive". I felt it lacked everything that I listened to during this period. Everyone was talking about this 'punk album of the year' while I only wanted to have another "A Blaze In The Northern Sky"-kind of new album, and where quite disappointed on what I heard. Like almost everyone else. Some of their die hard fans even declared the band dead. At the same time, what's the point and the fun of recording the same record again?
Little did I know that I would rank this album as one of my absolute favorites only a year later, and maybe even one of the most influential albums in my songwriting today. Big words, I know, but it has been extremely important in my own musical development in how I write songs which lies between the genres of punk and (black/speed/thrash) metal.

The turning point came a few month later when I was on tour together with the very same guy who played the record for me the first time. We have this rule in our tour van, the driver choose the music to be played. He was driving and "The Cult of Goliath" was blasting from the speakers. I don't know what it was due, if I was more easily accessible or just in a different state of mind, but this time I heard its true greatness. There and then I started to build up the relationship with the band that I have today. I really can't blame them because they broadened their horizons and tried something new. Instead I would say I am grateful.

I totally lost interest in metal and its subgenre when I found punk in the 90s. I listened only at a handful records with elements of hard rock and metal.  I even sold parts of my old record collection, which I regret today, and gave all my dedication to everything that had to do with punk. "The Cult is Alive" kind of opened the gates again, so it meant a lot in many different ways.
I have also as long as I can remember been inspired by headstrong honest people with strong opinions and great integrity. I don't know Fenriz in person, but I would still say that he possesses all these qualities. Making Darkthrone even more credible and genuine in my opinion.

For me it was quite impossible to choose only one song to record since I could've recorded each and every song from that album. That's why it took us months, and countless times of listening to the record, before we agreed to record either "Atomic coming" or "Too old too cold". Even "Graveyard slut" was a potential song. We gave "Too old..." a few attempts but as late as in the studio I suggest that we would replace it against "Shut up". You could see Henrik's patience and hope that this project would soon be over just vanished. He looked so sick and tired that I thought he would just leave the band and go home to never come back again. And so came the next setback, shall we play it like the original or in d-beat? Fuck. It ended up that we recorded two versions. Hehe.

Another band, also hailing from Norway, that we talked alot about recording a cover of was Aura Noir. Three songs worth mentioning are "Conqueror", "Iron night/Torment storm" and "Unleash the demon". Damn, why didn't we? What I love most about both bands, besides the killer riffage and intensity, is that Nocturno Culto and Apollyon sounds totally fucking unsympathetic. A great quality in these kinds of contexts.
"Too old too cold" was not the only suggestion by Darkthrone but also "Unholy black metal", "Hiking metal punks", "I am the graves of the 80s", "Over fjell og gjennom torner", "Raised on rock" (again), "Canadian metal", "A blaze in the northern sky" and "I am the working class". To name drop a few.

Punk, metal or punk-metal, who gives a fuck? When it comes down to it, we're just three hellish rock'n roll freaks. Come on you fuckers!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

偏執症者 (Paranoid) - Satyagraha, 12" OUT NOW!

Finally officially released! Place your order here:
US version available on Konton Crasher

UPDATE: Limited european version =  SOLD OUT!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Close-Up båten + Turku(Åbo), TJM on tour.

The first and probably the last time I'll ever play on a ferry to Finland. Haha.

22/10: Close-Up båten
23/10: TVO, Turku

Shop/mail will be closed while I'm on the road. Back in bizz early next week. Break a leg!

Soundtrack: Sailor Karlsson

Friday, October 16, 2015

Staten Brinner - Punk på svenska, 7" OUT NOW!

I'm pleased to say that our debut 6 track E.P. is now officially released. I'm even happier that my good old friend, and partner in crime, at Luftslott Records wanted to release it. Mixed and mastered by Tommy Tift at Studio Motion.
Only 350copies made. But there is also a 'Staten Brinner edition' of 100copies with alternate inlay cover
(4x 25). I have a few copies in stock, or mail your order at:

* Staten Brinner - Punk på svenska 7" = 50sek + postage.

Get in touch with Luftslott Records for w/s and further info.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cover of the month (pt. 10) - Arise

It is already October 1 and time for cover nr #10? How time flies! For this month we decided to turn our headbanging heads towards South America and pay some damn homage to the genre we all know as thrash metal. There are hordes of amazing insane and violent bands from this continent, and time era for that matter, but there's one that probably comes to mind first of all to most people.

Sepultura is a band with a lot of different musical periods, but on 'Beneath The Remains' and 'Arise' we can all agree that it was thrash they were playing. And they were definitely playing it much better than most other bands during those years. Their music also contained that somewhat dystopic nerve, which was a bit more present compared to other contemporary bands. Maybe it had to do with the conditions in their homecountry. Only speculations. But we definitely think growing up in Belo Horizonte and Brazil have shaped their music, language and attitude.

'Arise' is a record that, at least I, often fall back on when I get tired of all the boring new bands trying to mimic the sound of 90's, as if it were something to strive for? Triggered drums revolution exploded, I found punk and my interest in thrash/metal/hard rock waned and disappeared for a few years. Thrash, as you know, is an subgenre of heavy metal characterized by its furious tempo and overall aggression, closely related to hardcore punk. And it's no secret that punk and hardcore music has been a great influence on Max Cavalera and Sepultura. You can often see him wearing shirts and patches with Discharge, G.B.H, Bad Brains, Doom...and so on. If you look really carefully you can also see that he's wearing a t-shirt with the band that we did a cover of last month in the official music video for Arise. Fate?

For the October cover we also talked about recording a song of Venom, Slayer, Onslaught and even Metallica (Kill 'em all). But all suggestions was rejected immediately, mainly because they have already been recorded, abused and used by millions of other bands before.
We'll admit that it was not all that easy for us learning Arise. However, it was no problem for Henke, since it's in his backyard that we play. But one thing is for sure, I do know now why I'm playing in punk bands and not thrash and (technical) metal. It sounds raw and intense, but damn that fucking hassle!

It's obvious that this project is reaching its end. It was apparent in the rehearsal room and the studio. Even as we sit here and write this story behind. A lack of commitment and that burning passion that we had on our very first cover. Quite honestly, it felt more like a necessary evil. Get us right, we've all had a hard and stressful month, and the fatigue takes its toll. But It's not noticeable to the end result. We gave everything, as we always do because once it comes, we are like programmed unstoppable robots. Haha.

This time we also want to extend a special thanks to the Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station for on a very few days short notice nailing the mixing/mastering. If it were not for him had this cover never come up in time.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

6x New D&R releases out now!

* KORSFÄST - Ingen ro för en..., 12" = 100sek (reg), 105sek (ltd).
500copies (400 black +100 beer) made. Listen HERE.

* TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER - Helvetespunk, 7" = 66sek.
666copies (all black) made. Listen HERE and HERE.

* ANATOMI -71 - Distansen tilltar, 12" = 90sek (reg), 100sek (ltd).
500copies (400 black +100 green/clear) made. Listen HERE.

* DAMAGED HEAD - Regler, regler EP, 7" = 40sek (reg), 45sek (ltd).
500copies (400 clear +100 black) made. Listen HERE.

* ABSOLUT - Hell's highest power, 12" = 100sek (reg), 105sek (ltd).
500copies (400 black +100 red) made. Listen HERE.

* PUNKEN LEVER, V/a (Sista Försöket, Sista Brytet, Staten Brinner) - Cassette = 40sek.
151copies made. Tour edition. Listen HERE.

Shipping will be added to all prices. First come, first served. Mail for further questions and please note that this is a DIY punk label so give us some time to respond. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Staten Brinner - Mitt är ditt

Taken from the upcoming 'Punk på Svenska' 7" on Luftslott Records. For more songs and further info Click-click.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fear of scarcity by Price of Silence

Price of Silence sharing side B of their debut 7", which is still available for 40sek + postage. P.O.S is currently working on new material. Exciting!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cover of the month (pt. 9) - Natsit ja kommunistit

I love Finland! Always have, always will. Even as a little kid Finland made a deep impression on me. My memory is failing with age, but still I do remember how my family and I took the ferry over to Vaasa for the very first time in the 80s. And there have been many trips to our neighbors across the sea over the years. On holiday(s) with my family and touring with various bands.

I only have great memories from my trips and tours in Finland. Like this time when I met a couple outside Vastavirta-klubi who claimed that they knew a guy who had killed a bear with only his two hands. Or like when it was so cold that the heating system in the car gave up and we had to scrape ice on the car windows from the inside. We sat in our sleeping bags on newspaper and cartons not to freeze to death.
Or like this time when I was called a teetotaler an early morning after a long after party, even though I drank non-stop for one day, only because I had to go to not miss a train. Or this crazy night in Oulu when the audience pogo danced only in their towels, even naked, because they had a sauna between bands. Haha.

We had three songs and suggestions to choose from; "Riistetyt - Mieletöntä väkivaltaa", "Tampere SS - Mitä..." and "Kaaos - Natsit ja kommunistit". All are fucking brutal songs, but in the end Kaaos is what I associate most with Finnish punk and the band that meant the most to me among the others mentioned above. Besides the aggressive language, it's something special about that primitive, yet raw sound. For all classic Finnish bands. Its chaotic, intense and totally out of control. They manage to capture that youthful anger and fuck-off-attitude in the best possible way. If I may say so myself, I think Henrik makes one of his strongest vocal efforts ever despite it being the first time he speaks and sings in Finnish.
Another record that I also have to mention is "Mellakka ‎- Ei..." which even today inspires me as much as when I bought it years ago. And of course, last but not least we have Terveet Kädet which I learned to appreciate more the older I get. Although I mainly influenced by records from the 80s, I must say that there are endless great active bands as well.

I was asked once, what I like best about Finland. My answer was short and came immediately with a question in return; "What isn't there to like?". With some more consideration I would say that the key, and what I like best, is the language, the Finnish vocabulary. But also the cold and hard social climate, which I believe is one of the cornerstones and reason to their strong history of great hardcore raw punk noise bands/records. The combination of their own native language, a bitter reality and a passion for hardcore punk are the best ingredients for a really good Finnish song. I don't only enjoy punk, but also mournful tango music sung in finnish and movies produced in Finland. Want to know more? Start with 'Olavi Virta' and 'Aki Kaurismäki'.

In the summer of 2014 we came in contact with a guy from Finland named Ville. He saw us play at K-town and wanted to do an interview with us for Pikakelauksellamaailmanloppuun-zine. Ever since we've been talking and joked about a possible 'Suomi Saatana' tour with Paranoid. We met him again when we played at Hässäkkä-Päivät earlier this year, a few weeks later we he mailed us "I would like to make that mini-tour for you seriously. Lets do it!".
Therefore it feels extra fun that the 'cover of the month' for September is a Finnish song given that we just got it confirmed that we will tour in Finland by the end of this year. See tour schedule below. Melu ei musiikki!!!

1.12 Turku, Kirjakahvila
2.12 Tampere, Vastavirta-klubi
3.12 Helsinki, Oranssi
4.12 Lappeenranta, Lucky Monkeys-bar  
5.12 Kouvola, Bar Downtown
6.12 Oulu, Tukikohta

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015

偏執症者 Eur. press MLP + T-shirt + Satyagraha cassette version.

From left to right:
* Destroy Future Less System - 12", European press (100x oxblood, 400x black) = 100sek
* Unholy... T-shirts available in S, M, L = 100sek
* Satyagraha - Cassette, released by Lockyard = 40sek

The LP version of 'Satyagraha' will be out in September. Place all your orders on the stuff above at:

Cover of the month (pt. 8) - Skallra för döden

The story behind will have to wait. I've been on vacation for the past two weeks and just got back today after +11h drive from Hygget. Next up, my own bed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Upcoming shows + shop/label closed!

17/7 - Trästocksfestivalen, w/ Totalt Jävla Mörker
31/7 - Hygget, w/ 偏執症者 (Paranoid)

The shop/label will be closed until first week of August. Let's call it vacation. I need it, I deserve it. But as always feel free to mail orders/questions but be prepared that it might take a while to get a response. All orders that are paid for up to this day will be sent before I leave, the rest will have to wait until I'm back. Vi ses på motorvägarna och på en sandstrand nära dig, upp sommar-punken!

Soundtrack: Second Sun - Hopp/Förtvivlan

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

偏執症者 (Paranoid) = New song/video

Taken from the upcoming album, which is delayed and expected in September. Like any other punk vinyl releases throughout the world right now. Arrghh! The result and the beauty of Record fucking Store Day and the "new" vinyl hype among all genres.
once again, the major labels have found a way to earn yet a few dollars more as the kids buy 'Back on black' 180g vinyl. They rip their vinyls into low resolution mp3's and
listen to their newly bought Iphone and call themselves "trve vinyl freak" on instagram. WTF!? I'm not bitter, I just think that the world is corrupt and lopsided.

, we figured offer something extra to celebrate that we are hitting the roads again.
See you all in Norrland and Oulu, Finland this weekend.
Blow your speakers!

Cover of the month (pt. 7) - Day of reckoning

Summer knocking on the door and most of you have already started your holiday. Well, time to change the warm, happy and positive feeling with cover nr #7. This is probably the most unexpected one yet so far. Obviously though, Paranoid is named after the Black Sabbath's second album, so the connection to doom metal might not really be that remote, but still this mix of one of the fastest and one of the slowest genres might have not been exactly what some had foreseen from us. We once discussed doing a live cover version of the title track of Paranoid, but that idea was abandoned quite fast, because the song generally felt a bit watered down and there is no one in the world that can beat the original. No one! But also too much of a predictable and boring choice.

Still, the thought of doing a cover of an up tempo doom-tune lived on, and once the title track from Pentagram's second album came to mind, it felt right immediately, and in the countless suggestions of which songs to choose for this project, it stood out as an idea interesting enough to make it all the way to the studio. The way that the riffs in this song are arranged, it's almost like it originally was meant to be a raw punk song. When played in d-beat, it could just as well have been written by any hardcore-worshipping band from the early 80's and up to date.

The final result turned out very satisfying, and of the covers we've recorded, it's definitely the most unique interpretation of our covers we've made, compared to the original version. It also feels great to pay homage to this fantastic band, that along with bands like Saint Vitus, Trouble and Pagan Altar have delivered some of the finest works in the history of this genre. For the guitar-solo, August Låsgårdh (Henrik's twin brother) from the local doom-band King Malice gave us some help, when we couldn't really get it right ourselves. As the super untalented musicians we are. Hehe. Noise not music!

For all trve crust-punks out there who only heard about Discharge before but got a taste for some more doom, we can warmly recommend you to broaden your horizons with Pentagram 'S/t' (Relentless), Saint Vitus 'S/t', Trouble 'The Skull' and Pagan Altar 'Volume 1'. All classics.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Unholy raw punk spirit

Closed for the summerholidays!

Finally catching up with the present! No unanswered emails and all paid orders sent away. I will take the summer off from the 1st of July and until the middle of August. Until then, I really hope that we have received our new releases who's been at the pressing plant for a few months now.
I will certainly be checking my mail sometime now and then during the summer, so it's obviously okey to send your emails and orders, but be prepared that you may have to wait for a response. But it's nothing new. Haha.
But it's still a week left until we're closed, which means there's still time to make your holiday-orders.

Soundtrack: Sexface

Friday, June 12, 2015

Punk is love 'cover of the month', the shirt edition!

We printed an exclusive shirt (Pisschrist rip off) and sent to Yeap as a gift for the help with mixing the "Punk is love" cover song. To cover the screening + postage costs CrashThePoseUk / No Rules made a super short run which they sell via their web shop. Click the links. Other great looking shirts available. Have a look!

This design will definitely never be printed again and can only be bought through CTPUK. We don't have any for sale. Yellow/orange print on black Gildan heavy t-shirt.

Soundtrack: Koszmar

Monday, June 1, 2015

Cover of the month (pt.6) - Krossad dröm

Then we are halfway through this never ending project. It feels like we literally lived in the studio the past months, and if I'll be honest, I'm pretty tired of it. Not on the project as such, but the lack of time to do something else. Like rehearse our own stuff, or to play more live for that matter. But after all, I still think it is worthwhile to explore other band's songs and studying their methods and patterns. It definitely gives more than it costs.
We feel that we need a well-deserved vacation for the summer. Therefore, we've recorded the songs for July and August already. Now you don't need to wait longer than until August to get to know and hear what Totalitär song we picked. Well, enough about that now and let's get back to the topic, and the story behind the choice of this month cover.

Already in September 2014, I e-mailed Emil and Henrik and suggested that we should record "Krossad Dröm" by Acursed. I asked them also to take a closer look to Martyrdöd's first self titled album. Basically speaking, we could've recorded a song by Martyrdöd as well since both bands have been important for us. Although it may not be heard, I try to always have it with me somewhere in the background. It's mainly the darkness, a societal disdain and a reality that they write about that I can relate to that catch my interest. In fact, for both bands. They write about a dark, political, anguished reality that perhaps not all people can identify with. There are few bands that manage to capture that living and real atmosphere on a recording as both Acursed and Martyrdöd does.
Many punk bands have been influenced by their songs and albums, myself included, and made unsuccessful attempts to imitate and copy their style. Perhaps myself included again, I leave it to others to decide. But you can not write about a life they themselves never experienced in a credible way. It only becomes contrived and embarrassing for those who actually living it. The lyrics only becomes empty and superficial of fictional fates and if you can't stand up for what you are writing about. I mean, practice what you preach. That's usually what most of the bands they've bred have in common and falls on.

Acursed are a band that many people like, but very few talk about. In a way, one can almost say that they are invisible, but still not. It feels like they often end up in the shadows of other, more predictable (also yet more active) bands. They make themselves unavailable without actually themselves might have done it as a conscious choice. If you understand what I mean? I would not call Acursed an underrated band, but I don't think that they get, or have gotten, the attention and credit they really deserve. And that's one of many reasons why we chose Acursed in the end.

My first contact with Acursed was the Mcd "A Facist State… In Disguise". I really liked the "professional" sound (compared to many other things I was listening to at the time), the riffs and especially the raw vocals. Some years later the split LP with Fallout, where "Krossad Dröm" is on, was released. I lived in Umeå at that time and I remember I was listening to the opening track at least a dozen times before my roommate knocked on the door and asked if I had a jumping vinyl needle before I continued listened to the rest of the songs. Haha. I guess that all covers we have done and will do have that in common. That you can listen to them over and over again without getting tired of them.

One of Emil's greatest desires was that we would play a Nasum cover. We had actually decided that we would record "Corrosion" from "Human 2.0" as our cover in June. We debated back and forth for a while about potential Nasum songs, but eventually chose "Corrosion". Henrik did his very best to hear/learn all the riffs, but it was easier said than done. I emailed Jon (bass player in Nasum) and asked if he wanted to assist and help us with tablatures or something. He responded later the very same day: "Sure, I'll show you the riffs but only IRL. It's NOT like it "sounds" on the record".

There was only one problem with that, Jon lives in Stockholm while we live in the northern parts of Sweden. It's +6 hours drive (one way!). Luckily, I had a gig booked in Stockholm three weeks later, so me and Jon booked a date. Barely a week later I emailed cancellation.
We had started to rehearse the song but it was too complicated for us, and it felt frustrating and hopeless. We even watched live clips on the internet trying to figure out roughly how the hell they were playing. We knew almost immediately that there was no way that we would be able to make a fair version. Might as well realize and admit our musical/instrumental limits, which we also did. It felt really sad to have to deselect a song with a band that we really wanted to do a cover on. Total disappointment, but what could we do? To make a simpler and poorer cover version was just not an option.

I told Jon (who also happens to play guitar in Acursed) about our defeat, but also about our backup plan, and we decided to still meet when I was in Stockholm.
While the rest of my band started with the sound check, Jon and I were backstage with an electric guitar and a pen and paper. At the same time some idiot did burglaries in our tour bus and stole my backpack as you may have heard or read about. So I where robbed of all my belongings that I had with me on the tour while I learned how to play this song properly. True story.

It's the first time I'm nervous about what the band really think about, and like, our version. It's most probably that Acursed are good friends to us. I don't think I ever told any of them how much their songs really meant to me. For it has. The same goes for Martyrdöd. I hope they at least see this cover as a small proof of my and Paranoid's appreciation of their music.

The production came out not as raw and noisy than we normally have. But I think it fits considering that the song is very melodious. Kenko has done an incredibly great mixing/mastering job again, and we couldn't be more pleased.

Last but not least, we can proudly announce that Kristofer (vocalist of Acursed), joins us on the choruses. He does a brilliant effort, even though it's the first time he screams in several years. We are very grateful and glad that both Jon and Kristofer took the time and helped us and because they were so committed. End of story...and end of ass-licking! Play loud.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Got some new 偏執症者 merch poppin'

Might as well take the opportunity to update the blog with some other new stuff when I have access to a computer with internet, and have the time. I feel sorry that you have to wait weeks for a response to your emails. I'm on to it but last week(s) I have just given up everything.

The longsleeves that we printed last time ran out in a day or two so we decided to make a new edition with the "Satyagraha" LP front cover made by Andy/Viral Age.
UPDATE (25/5), IN STOCK NOW. Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. Price: 225sek + postage. Send all orders to the email below.

We have received a couple of questions about the upcoming Paranoid records. First, Yes (if you read the flyer), there will be a regular and a limited version of both vinyls. Both records are 'band releases' but by D&R, that's why it's important that you make all (pre)orders at:
Our great friend at Konton Crasher will release th US version of "Satyagraha". Get in touch with either us or K.C. for w/s.

"What's the deal with that Destroy future... re-issue?"
.  It's very simple, the 7" on Konton Crasher was released over a year ago and was sold out in no time. There are many who still ask for it when we're out playing and now we make it available again. When we recorded that 7" we also recorded three other tracks that ended up on the "Distortion Faith #1" compilation cassette. Which is sold out too, so we decided to put the entire 7" in full on Side A and the three comp tracks on Side B. Voila, Mini LP (european press) completed.

Soundtrack: Conny Nimmersjö - Regnet i Södertälje

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Exclusive 偏執症者 song at

Here, at PUNK-RADIO, you have an exclusive pre-listening to a track by 偏執症者 taken from the upcoming split w/ ABSOLUT. For further info get in touch with the labels; Beach Impediment / Brain Solvent Propaganda (US press), Phobia / Crucificados (Eur. press). Release date: Summer 2015.

Great mixing/mastering by Kenko at Communichaos, and brilliant art by Sugi!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cover of the month (pt.5) - Bloodthirsty system

"Bloodthirsty System" was the very first song I ever heard with State of Fear, it must have been around 97-98. Like any other teenager at the age of 17 I spent every weekend with my best friends and a couple of six-packs. Listening to punk and out raising hell. My youth is kind of blurred. Haha. But as far as I can remember I was at a party that the guitarist in one of my old bands had. The song struck me like a lightning and we listened to it on repeat the entire night. Directly on the Monday after I called Dolores (Distortion Records) and ordered myself a copy of "Wallow In Squalor EP " and I added the "The tables will turn..." LP on the advice of the one who received my order. Which is also a damn great album, but that's another story.
And read that right, called, as in dialing a number and place an order to a real person on the other side of the line.

I can still today get that feeling of my first love for the band, and although I've heard "Bloodthirsty System" thousands of times the genuine and the simplicity of the song never fade. The song itself has a pretty thin but very honest and raw production. What I think that I like the most is the wild drum style, and of course the intense dual vocals which usually is the common denominator between most crust bands. Jay is a chapter for itself, and then we have Jon, and voila, we have the perfect combination of pure frustration, integrity and sensible political views.

Even though the lyric of this song was written 20 years ago it's even more relevant today. It's embarrassing. The consumer society of today will become mankind's grave. It's no longer a question of "Buy or die", but instead buy And die.

I have always wanted to play cover on this song with my other/old bands, but it was only now that I really got the chance to fulfill my wishes. I would say that State of Fear is punk at its best! There is something special with their riffs, same thing goes for Consume and Deathraid. I can't put my finger on what it is, they just have IT.
In 2010 Deathraid played at LÓrient in Linköping, Sweden, and I took the courage to me and asked Jay about the secret behind the riffs.
"I have stolen everything from the Mob 47", was the only answer I got. End of conversation.

While we're talking about Consume, I could also mention that I suggested that we should record "2nd Class Citizen" as a cover of the month. But it was either State of Fear or Consume, a hard but really not that difficult choice. Brilliant band/song though. If you haven't heard or listened to Consume earlier I can highly recommend the split they did with Born/Dead. Trve quality from beginning to end.

A song that, however, we tried to rehearse was "Just think about it" by Extreme Noise Terror. And E.N.T was really high on our list of bands doing cover on. I mean, who hasn't ripped it up to "Phonophobia"?! Unfortunately we have only 12 bands and 12 songs to do and the list of songs we want to do is a hundred times longer than months that we have left on this project. At least we gave it a try, but it didn't really sound like we wanted.

Again, both State of Fear and Extreme Noise Terror were great inspirations for me when I started my own first käng-bands in the nineties. But they were not the only ones, I think it's important to also mention Doom and Disrupt if we are talking about käng/crust bands. That's why it feels especially exciting that it is Bri Doom who has mixed this cover song. He knows the drill when it comes to this sub-genre of punk and it's always fun and rewarding with new cooperation.

After a very short discussion suggested Bri that we would donate money to the "CHILE DONATION" instead of paying him for the mixing. A really good suggestion that we think more people should do! Read all about the background story and how you can help and contribute on DOOM's website (click the link).

Worth mentioning, redundant information but still, is that Emil (drummer) make his vocal debut in Paranoid on the choruses. He barely made it through all three choruses before his voice was completely fucked. Well, it's tough getting old. I'll tell you that much.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

5x Test pressings approved

DTAKT068 - Korsfäst, 12" - Check!
DTAKT069 - Totalt Jävla Mörker, 7" - Check!
DTAKT071 - Anatomi -71, 12" - Check!
DTAKT072 - Damaged Head, 7" - Check!
DTAKT073 - Absolut, 12" - Check!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Yet more bad news...

Someone smashed a window on our tour bus in broad daylight and stole some stuff while we were doing the soundcheck in Stockholm. They stole my bag that besides my clothes for the weekend, contained a laptop and a digital camera. I had some important word-documents on that computer, such as all order details and pre-orders from the past weeks. So that means that I will fall behind.....again. This is getting ridiculous.
Please hear me out, I don't ask for sympathy or support, only your patience and understanding that it might take a while before I'm back on track. Of what they stole I mourn my Frigöra and Nightmare City t-shirts, notebook (w/ lyrics, plans and ideas), my favourite Fjällräven backpack and the lost photos on my camera the most. Fucking assholes! Steal from the rich and give to the poor, not vice versa.

Well I guess
I should take this opportunity to say thank you to the organizers and all who came to our shows in Stockholm, Göteborg and Sundsvall. We truly had a great weekend and I really hope to see you all again soon. Even Stockholm. Hahaha.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Totalt Jävla Mörker, NEW song/video + weekend tour dates

Taken from the upcoming 4 track E.P. "Helvetespunk" on D&R later this spring. We will also have new Korsfäst 12", Anatomi-71 12" and Damaged Head 7" released. Busy, tight and brutal schedule!

See you in the moshpit:
16/4 - Stockholm
17/4 - Göteborg
18/4 - Sundsvall, Nordfest

...Och bor ni i Gbg med omnejd så finns det inga som helst ursäkter till att missa denna brakfest den 18 april.

Soundtrack: Quaaludes - I’m for them (MRR Radio #1446).

Sunday, April 12, 2015

偏執症者 (Paranoid) - Kaihou

We can finally announce that our debut album "Satyagraha" is at the pressing plant! Its been a long time coming but now we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have put our whole heart, soul and grief into the creation of this album and that's why it feels extra exciting to finally get to share what we have been up to lately'Kaihou' should most definitely be played at maximum volume!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015