Friday, March 30, 2012

Vox-pussel-attack! (in swedish)

Här ser ni mitt helgsnöje. Lägga pussel på dagarna med nya Slaktattack på stereon. På kvällarna blir det till att lära sig japanska och läsa Mob 47 turnérapport i senaste Vox Populi. Imorgon och eventuellt på söndag ska jag klippa och klistra iläggsblad till Hotet Från Skogarna.
Ikväll är det inte helt omöjligt att det blir lokala Former Beauty Queen och Vånna Inget. Har inte blivit helt övertygad av det lilla jag hört. Då sätter jag hellre på första Sista Sekunden fullisen och stampar foten i takt. Kanske ändrar jag mig efter kvällens konsert.

Pusslet kommer överraskande och helt oväntat ifrån D. "Mamma 138" Jonsson. Svin jävla gött och extremt uppskattat. Tack!

Yu, thanks for the zines bro. Love the picture you have inside of me and my wife. Haha.

Slaktattack skickar med ett brev till skivan där dem skriver "här har du ditt recensionsex..." och "lägg en kommentar på vår facebooksida om/när du har recenserat plattan".
1. Jag skriver inga recensioner, men skriver gärna om band eller andra saker jag gillar.
2. Jag har ingen facebook och kommer skaffa en först när helvetet frusit till is. Dvs, aldrig!

Skivan har bara snurrat ett varv hittills, och det är en tumme upp! Dem har alltid varit ett underskattat band och jag har alltid gillat plytets d-takt. Nu blir det lunch, på återseende.

Unusual Anti Cimex shirt and lack of time

I got this shirt sent like a month ago and due various reasons I have not had the time nor energy to post it until now. One of the rawest Cimex shirts I've seen. Click here to buy other homemade tee's. I wanna thank everyone else that sent me rad stuff the last month too. Haven't forgot you, am just such a douchebag. Forgive me.

As you all might have noticed I have not been that active at this blog nor at the mail lately. I told you before, am not sitting behind a computer screen 24/7. Please respect that! It's not that am ignoring you intentionally, it's just that I have other things to do too. I do have a life, or at least am trying. Haha.
I always answer all mails as soon as I can. No need to send same mail five times in two days, be patient. I hate this stressful society and where we are headed. Take a chill pill, relax and enjoy punk rock music instead. Have a nice weekend, I know I will.

Soundtrack: Zatsuon - Demo

New stuff in stock

* Disarm - Dömd - 7" = 55sek
* Disarm - Regerings stödda mord - 7" = 55sek
* Sista Kriget - S/t - 7" (US press) = 40sek
* Terokal/Armagedom - Split 7" - 40sek
* Alonzo & Fas 3 - Dansa som en fjäril - 7" = 35sek
* Dropend - Demonstration, demo - 7" = 40sek
* Soldier One - S/t - 7" = 50sek (ltd 300, members of TJM)
* Soldier One - Witnessing the... - CD = 100sek
* Disown - Total devastation - Cass = 20sek (free with orders over 200sek) + postage. As always, very few in stock!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home of Warvictims

Since myspace got fucked up we decided to move on with a NEW PLACE where we can share as much info about the past and future of Warvictims as possible. It's still under construction, but we're not in a rush, so be patient and check back once in a while if you're intrested. It should be finished soon enough.

We have also fixed a BANDCAMP, we're you can listen and download all of our released songs for free. Over 120 tracks, and more to come. Go bananas!

Warvictims is not the most active band around, but hopefully if things go the way we planned a new recording will take place later this year. The site will work more like a homepage than a blog, so we won't update with new posts each day. Only if there's any news, upcoming records and such.

Because we have a free bandcamp page, we have only 200 free downloads every month. They all disappeared very quickly yesterday, and therefore is now bandcamp (NOT Warvictims) taking money for our songs. This is what they wrote us in an email:

"Greetings Warvictims,
Your Bandcamp account comes with 200 downloads per month of tracks or albums that you're giving away. You currently have 0 download credits remaining. We'll bump that back up to 200 on 4/23/12. To learn more, or to purchase more download credits, click here"

We did what we could and we had no idea about this. We are truly sorry. But please DON'T BUY ANY SONGS NOR ALBUMS, it's bandcamp who will get the money not Warvictims. The whole idea was to give em all away for free. This fucking corrupted capitalistic system! We don't support greed and neither should you! And we can't afford to upgrade the page either.
Monday 23/4 we have another 200 new free downloads. Better be faster next time boys and girls. At least you can listen to em all for free until then.

We thought this would be great, to collect all songs so it would be so much easier for punx to find all our tracks and download em at one place instead of searching around like hell. If anyone have a better idea how to solve this mail us. //War Camp

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Norwegian firar 10 år... (in swedish) att kanske pryda sina flygplan med Øystein Aarseth aka Euronymous. Hade ju vart lite komiskt om han svävade runt uppe i himlen bland fluffiga moln i full corpse-paint mundering. Vid liv drev han även butiken Helvete. Rätt skön ironi i den.

Soundtrack: Bäddat för trubbel - Värdighet

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Uncurbed/Warvictims - US press

Out now for our friends in the states, get in touch with Sacred Plague Records for orders. We got a few copies, only black vinyls left, if any one is interested. 90sek + postage.

Soundtrack: Diamond Reo

Friday, March 23, 2012

THRÄSHERS recording session for "Hotet Från Skogarna"

We recorded two exclusive tracks, like all the other bands. Warning for lots of internal humor. The compilation will be out june 1st and you will be able to buy/download it HERE but also from D&R.

Black and death metal night in Östersund

* Aeon
* Bloodline
* Before My Damnation
* Tzaraath

Tonight at Gamla Tingshuset, Östersund. The gates to hell opens at 19:00. Am really looking forward to see Tzaraath!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Infernöh test presses

Got the Infernöh test presses yesterday, and they sure sound fucking amazing. Out mid april.

Det kommer och går (Turist i tillvaron #3)

Listen to one (so far) unreleased Thräshers song here. Taken from the swedish comp serie "Turist i Tillvaron". Out in april/may. We will get a few copies as soon as its released in case anyone is interested.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giftgasattack 5" - OUT NOW!!!

Giftgasattack - Peace//Collapse//Destroy - 5" = 40sek + postage

Comes in nice eco-digipak jacket and heavy vinyl!


I'm doing my best to try and catch up what I missed. A split that I want you to give your attention to is Pyramido//Usurpress. "Serenity" is on its seventh lap only today. Love the darkness.
Update: listen to one of the Usurpress here.

Thrsäshers flexi 7" back in stock!

The flexi 7" is back in stock, 40sek + postage. Only 250 made! For more info check Signaler Från Ovan.

Too much to handle

Lack of time, but no commitment has been made ​​that this blog has lagged behind. I've got so much new stuff that I will update with this week. There are many who e-mailed and asked about the Infernöh vinyl. I got the last thing to cover art last week too so hopefully it won't take forever until it's released now. More updates will follow later today.

Soundtrack: Imperial State Electric - Pop war

Friday, March 16, 2012

Desperat - Aldrig en lp?

I've lost count so I do not know if it's third or fourth attempt for us to record an album. This weekend, we'll at least try again. I am just about to pick up Åke at the train station, then hit the studio. We will surely update with some pictures or other fun stuff either here or on our band blog.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dagens citat: Peter Stjärnvind (in swedish)

"Jag är inte världens bästa gitarrist, men det skiter jag i. Övar gör jag inte, jag skriver bara riff. Hellre än bra låt än snygga skalor".

Kunde inte sagt det bättre själv. Musikelitism, gå och knulla dig själv!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Studio time...

Excuse my absence on the e-mail and this blog.
I have more or less lived in the studio for almost a week now. This upcoming weekend we're also trying to record an album with Desperat.
At the end of next week is Brottskod 11 and Thräshers recording our contribution to the Hotet Från Skogarna project/compilation 12". Please be patient!

Btw; thanks for all the dubstep tips you sent me. I'll listen to em all.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Totalt Jävla Mörker

We know there are many who have hoped, but unfortunately we have to disappoint you... we're not dead yet.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dubstep techno!

Yes, I totally lost it! Earlier this week I digged very deep in my record collection and found a few old 45rpm techno classics.
Today I searched for new up to date techno music, and what I found was this thing called dubstep. Of course I've heard a few remixes and I even have a few grime records since before. But please anyone, help me out. I have no idea where to start. Mail me cool artists, remixes or links to good dustep rhythms! The darker the better. I want that hardcore shit. Straight up, am loving it. Wanna have it on my freestyle when am out walking at dark nights. //Jocke D-step

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Condition vs Agent Attitude 7" in stock

Just picked up De:Nihil's two latest releases. 40sek + postage. Few in stock, even few copies pressed! Click the link above for samples.

Gamnacke #1 fanzine (in swedish)

GAMNACKE är ett nytt papperszine ifrån dalarna, och oavsett om Brottskod 11 hade vart med eller ej så hade jag hypat detta fanzine just pga att det är av klassiskt snitt. Uppkopierat pappar med klipp och klister layout. Finns inget bättre än folk som 2012 sitter och skapar saker med sina egna två händer. Att uppdatera en blogg tar inte mer än 3sek, men att sätta ihop ett zine däremot tar längre tid än man tror. Därför uppmanar jag alla er som följer d&r bloggen att köpa och stödja Gamnacke genom att beställa ett ex ifrån denna mailadress:
Jag har inga extra på lager så maila redaktionen direkt.

Pisschrist - Victims of faith

Giftgasattack och Aggrenation 13/3 Härden, Göteborg

Tis. 13 mars
Insläpp 19.00
Första band på scen 20.30
40 riksdaler.
Aktivitetshuset Härden
hildedalsgatan 128 Hisingen

* Giftgasattack
* Aggrenation


Friday, March 2, 2012

Thräshers release party tonight.

We had an unofficial release party for the Thräshers flexi 7" tonight. The four of us in the band celebrated with good homemade food and board games. It will be released for the public on sunday.
40sek + postage
. For more info check Signaler Från Ovan.

UPDATE: Sold out, hopefully we'll get new ones in stock this week.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The shape of photo to come... (in swedish)

Östersund var först på plats och tog täten på vad som bara mindre än en timma senare skulle kunna jämföras med en övergödd nätpyton.

Ux Vileheads spelade så jävla gött att hela bilden blev suddigt. Freddan aka shreddan drog av ett par sju helvetes gitarr licks.

Hårda Tider fick celebert sällskap inte bara utav Dennis och Dave Exit, utan även Tom Terror. Här går han lös på "Degenerated Generation" refrängen.

David Sandström, en fröjd för båda öra och öga. Svårslagen spelning.

Om det kommer ut en live bootleg så vet vi att det bara är Fredrik som vill försäkra sin pension. Han ser lite full i fan ut tycker jag.

Refused are fucking dead...not!

Det var ingen hejd på gubbarna i moshpiten. Blixen vid 2.30.

Kristofer Steen's pedalbord är väl kanske inte riktigt det jag hade valt till nya EF-inspelningen. Fast wah-wah pedaler gillar man ju.

Hardcore onsdag i Umeå, eller "inte fan visste jag att Ux Vileheads och Hårda Tider hade sånt enormt support i Umeå?!"

Refused reunion in Umeå last night. I still can't believe that I was in the pit just 8h ago! It was like this I saw Refused in the 90's, at a small crowded venue, so am grateful I could see them perform at such similar place in 2012 and not at WOW among hipster idiots. "Everlasting" 104 views, "Rather be dead" 27 views. Just for fun, let's see how many views they will have by midningt. UPDATE: 31.643 and 17.399 views. I'll might post a few pictures later too.

Man saknade ju Back in Black, som vi laddat i bilen, men annars var det fan i mig fullt ställ från början till slut. Hade inte förväntat mig något annat heller. David Sandström, va ska man säga? Även om några i publiken mest såg kvällens affischnamn, Ux Vileheads och Hårda Tider, som en transportsträcka så tycker jag personligen att det var tack vare dem som kvällen blev fulländad. Det var en sån där kväll man kommer prata om i generationer, och då kan man ganska nöjt säga "jag var där". M-A-G-I-S-K-T!