Sunday, June 30, 2013

Halshug 7" - OUT NOW!

Copenhagen finest Halshug - Dödskontrol 7" is out now! It was inevitable that I would release this vinyl since Halshug is all about what I love in punk. Pure raw punk mangel attitude. You should catch em on the road if you have the chance. 250x black vinyls (for mailorder) and 100x yellow vinyls w/ screenprinted covers and b/w patch (tour edition). 35sek + postage.

The limited edition can only be bought direct from the band on their tour. We do not have any copies!

Bad news for all of you who waits for Korsfäst 12" and Infernöh 12", you will have to wait another two weeks. I know, totally sucks, I thought I would have em last week, but nope. Have patience, they are worth waiting for.
In case you wonder why I haven't reply any mails lately I can only tell you this, that I have been really really sick this week. Even paid the hospital a visit by ambulance. Don't worry, I'm fine now but I have been totally passed out (and fucked up). I found so many mails in my inbox when I got back from the hospital but I had no energy to even lift my fingers. Sorry. I'm back on my feet from today and I'll do my best to catch up this upcoming 2-3 days. That's all you need to know.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Queen (among angels)

It's been a year since my beloved grandmother passed away, and believe me when I say that there has been a turbulent year in so many ways. When I started the recording of "Order from disorder" my grandmother was still alive. For many reasons, it took over a years to complete the recording and it was obvious that I would use this lyric/song in memory of her. I can for sure say that she wouldn't like the song, but still felt very proud and honored. She would often say to me that if you were not afraid of the dark before you heard my music that you would be afterwards. Not a day goes by without me thinking of her and everything that she gave.
So here it is, the first sample from the new Electric Funeral cassette. Nothing at all like my previous songs but I hope you all like it anyway. The cassette will be released 1st of July.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Distortion Faith Five

If it ain't delayed it ain't punk, right? Well, sometimes shit happens and life gets in the way, but we'll never surrender!
The fifth issue of Distortion Faith is released just under one year after the first issue was launched and includes interviews with Dischange, Massacre Divine, SPHC Records, Daryl Kahan (Citizens Arrest, Forced Expression, Disma, Taste of Fear etc.) and a quick check-in with Eli Arrington who's responsible for this issues cover. Throw in some photos and another installment of Fast & Loud and we total 36 pages of hardcore punk. 10sek + postage.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Halshug on tour...

Starts tonight at K-town. Up the mangel!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Veckans citat/skratt (in swedish)

Jag vet inte om det är senaste numret av Kalle Anka & co eller dagens lokaltidning som jag läser till morgonkaffet. Sitter i mina egna tankar och bläddrar slött mellan sidorna tills jag når Kultur/Nöje och läser, jag citerar, "Crustpunk är dåligt spelad dödsmetall".
Det är svårt att inte sätta kaffet i fel strupe och vika sig dubbel av skratt. För mig blir det rätt komiskt, näst intill ironiskt när man då sett/hört hans (som uttalar sig) så kallade "metalband". Vi kan nog alla enas om att dom direkt kvalar in till att titulera sig som ett crustband om man ska ta hans egna ord på fullaste allvar. Haha. Seriöst, va ska man säga? Kanske ordspråket Kasta inte sten i glashus skulle kunna passa in i sammanhanget?

Dom säger att ett gott skratt förlänger livet. En tackar allra ödmjukast för att ni gjort mitt liv ytterligare en vecka längre. Jag sveper sista slatten av kaffet och sträcker mig efter den akustiska gitarren som ligger på soffan. Här ska fan göras dödsmetallriff som senare ska spelas dåligt i goda vänners lag.

Orchid - The mouths of madness

Monday, June 3, 2013

Diagnois??? BASTARD! 7" + UK shows

First up out of 6 upcoming releases; Diagnosis? Bastard! 7". It's been a long time coming, and finally I have the honor to present these bastards. No gimmicks just raw, brutal and overdriven tunes fueled with anger and insanity. Cooperation with the might La Familia. I tell you this much, this is just the beginning.
350x black, 150x green/black marbles vinyls. 35sek + postage.