Sunday, June 30, 2013

Halshug 7" - OUT NOW!

Copenhagen finest Halshug - Dödskontrol 7" is out now! It was inevitable that I would release this vinyl since Halshug is all about what I love in punk. Pure raw punk mangel attitude. You should catch em on the road if you have the chance. 250x black vinyls (for mailorder) and 100x yellow vinyls w/ screenprinted covers and b/w patch (tour edition). 35sek + postage.

The limited edition can only be bought direct from the band on their tour. We do not have any copies!

Bad news for all of you who waits for Korsfäst 12" and Infernöh 12", you will have to wait another two weeks. I know, totally sucks, I thought I would have em last week, but nope. Have patience, they are worth waiting for.
In case you wonder why I haven't reply any mails lately I can only tell you this, that I have been really really sick this week. Even paid the hospital a visit by ambulance. Don't worry, I'm fine now but I have been totally passed out (and fucked up). I found so many mails in my inbox when I got back from the hospital but I had no energy to even lift my fingers. Sorry. I'm back on my feet from today and I'll do my best to catch up this upcoming 2-3 days. That's all you need to know.

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