Friday, January 1, 2016

Cover of the month (pt. 12) - Criminal trap + C.O.T.M restart 2016?!

You really thought that it was over? Dis nightmare still fucking continues!!! Each month during 2016 we will give you yet more covers.........not! For real, we're done with this. This whole project has been a lot of fun, but also very time consuming. We're glad that it is finally over so that we instead can put all the focus on making a new LP without constantly being stressed out each month to meet a deadline.

There are many who have asked if we ever will release all the "Cover of the month" songs in a physical format. But it was never our plan from the start. We have considered and agreed to make a limited vinyl edition. There are not any details confirmed as we speak but we're working on it. More information will follow.

It's strange that no one reacted to that we haven't recorded a single cover of any Japanese bands. The Japanese scene and all the bands from the early 80s and up to this date is our main and biggest inspiration. Has always been and probably always will be. We wanted to save the best for last and we had this ideas on a "Hail to Japan" recording and vinyl release. But right now we're so uninspired and unmotivated so it would just be a bad outcome if we tried, and that is why we have chosen not to do it. For now.

But in addition to the 12 other cover songs we do have recorded a bunch Disclose covers, and this is one of them. Turn it up to 11!

Damn, I noticed that I forgot to post this very last cover too. Haha. Guess most of you already heard it by now.