Saturday, May 9, 2015

Got some new 偏執症者 merch poppin'

Might as well take the opportunity to update the blog with some other new stuff when I have access to a computer with internet, and have the time. I feel sorry that you have to wait weeks for a response to your emails. I'm on to it but last week(s) I have just given up everything.

The longsleeves that we printed last time ran out in a day or two so we decided to make a new edition with the "Satyagraha" LP front cover made by Andy/Viral Age.
UPDATE (25/5), IN STOCK NOW. Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. Price: 225sek + postage. Send all orders to the email below.

We have received a couple of questions about the upcoming Paranoid records. First, Yes (if you read the flyer), there will be a regular and a limited version of both vinyls. Both records are 'band releases' but by D&R, that's why it's important that you make all (pre)orders at:
Our great friend at Konton Crasher will release th US version of "Satyagraha". Get in touch with either us or K.C. for w/s.

"What's the deal with that Destroy future... re-issue?"
.  It's very simple, the 7" on Konton Crasher was released over a year ago and was sold out in no time. There are many who still ask for it when we're out playing and now we make it available again. When we recorded that 7" we also recorded three other tracks that ended up on the "Distortion Faith #1" compilation cassette. Which is sold out too, so we decided to put the entire 7" in full on Side A and the three comp tracks on Side B. Voila, Mini LP (european press) completed.

Soundtrack: Conny Nimmersjö - Regnet i Södertälje

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