Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sad news...two canceled shows. Fuck!

Sad news punks and thrashers, boys and girls. Thräsher will not play neither at the releaseparty for "Hotet Från Skogarna" nor at "Punks 44". Please don't ask me why cause am already as pissed off as I can be that I miss the chance to play at probably the rawest punk festival for this year! Just check the line up, and the flyer at your left is not even the updated one. Don't mistrust, the almighty Infernöh will fill Thräshers spot. Even a much better band my opinion.

Soundtrack: Damian Marley - Road to zion


Orb said...

Tråkigt som fan att ni inte kommer, såg fram emot er på 44an, bland annat...


Peder said...

precis som orb sa känner jag me..