Thursday, February 16, 2012

MASSGRAV are still the kings!

It's quick turns in the punk scene. I met Ola/Massgrav for the first time in Stockholm when we played with Desperat at Grundbulten. I have always loved Massgrav's mangel tracks, but also the fact that they just don't give a fuck! My first contact with Massgrav was like 10 years ago when 138 gave me a cd-r with 8 tracks. I have asked the band before if I could release anything with em, until today they left me nothing but empty handed.

Two weeks ago they entered Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Sunday Morning Einsteins, Funeral Mist + more...), once again with mr Tore Stjerna behind the levers. The result is 19 tracks of classic MASSGRAV style rock n' roll. In all modesty, they decided to name it "Still The Kings". D&R releasing the vinyl version of this new album and Selfmadegod will take care of the CD edition.

Scheduled for Valborsmässoafton, the last day of April - traditionally a day for Swedes to light fires, get shitfaced and play with fireworks. Add a brand new Massgrav vinyl on top of that and you will get one hell of a party! NO PRE-ORDERS yet please!

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arvid said...

spännande fett och dessutom grymt!