Thursday, October 9, 2014

Support/help/cheer up kits, part 4

David, you crazy son of a... First he sent me this unique and exclusive original photo of Quorthon from his promotion tour in Portugal. But he thought that wasn't enough so he sent me a bunch of rad-ass heavy metal music (and this Motor patch) as well.

Alex Päivät sent me a bunch of zines. The best way to spend your time at sleepless nights. Cheers!

Me and Mirek von Phobia go way back to the 90's and he's one among others that has supported me for several years, in so many ways. He sent me this box filled with vinyls, t-shirts and patches. Shirts = 80sek/each. LP = 80sek. 7" = 35sek. Patches = 5sek. Plus postage. Great thanks!

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