Thursday, October 9, 2014

Death to everyone!!!

Northern Tyrant was actually one of the very first, alongside the massive financial support, who went from words to action when it comes to help D&R. Together with Tryckexpressen and Obsessed By Cruelty they did and printed this exclusive t-shirt/sweatshirt design.
A funny
anecdote was that when N.T. first said they had a Death design in mind, I thought immediately of "...for the whole world to see" Death. 
But Death as Death, it's the thought that counts. I got the "Scream Bloody Gore" LP album for Christmas around 92-93 from my uncle and my mom hated him for that. Haha. He is no longer with us today, but this one goes out to him! Top-notch print. Great thanks to everyone who bought a shirt and supported this project.

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