Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 Thur. 8/11 - Leipzig, Liwi

Fri. 9/11 - Dresden, Diy-Eckladen

Sat. 10/11 - Berlin, Köpi

D&R will not bring any of our releases due lack of space. And I will not be able to answer your mails in a week. Relax and enjoy life instead. For further info; click here or ask your friends or google your lazy ass punk! If you scream high and loud we might play you a Dischange or Disclose cover. See you all in the gutter! Fuck off nu kör vi.

1 comment:

årre said...

break a leg! sorry att det inte blev nån merch, men shit happens. nu har vi börjat trycka klibbor iallafall.