Sunday, November 25, 2012


Up next, sweden's finest: Parasit and Martyrdöd. 100x LTD colored vinyl with embroidered patch only available via D&R mailorder!

UPDATE: As the banner on the flyer says "OUT ON D&R DEC/JAN", which means neither Parasit nor Martyrdöd are released yet since it's still november. No offense, but don't you know how to read? Haha. =) My guess is that we will rather have em in stock mid january than in december. Already got a bunch of pre-orders, so...I guess pre-orders are welcome. I'll keep you all posted for sure when it's getting closer.

Since Parasit are
a bunch of generous punks they've just uploaded yet another sample, "Infantil", from the upcoming 12" for your enjoyment right here.

BTW; Utanförskapet's 12" is finally out! If it weren't for that I already had so many new releases scheduled and no cash flow you might have seen a d&r logo on the back cover too. Support Fight Back and Rawby and buy this awesome release.
You will not regret it.

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