Friday, October 15, 2021

Hardcore punk or nothing - OUT NOW!

DTAKT119: LANGUID - A Paranoid Wretch In Society's Games, 12". 512 total (110 deep purple).
DTAKT120: NUKKE - No More Peace, 12". 378 total (105 sea blue).
DTAKT121: WARCHILD -  A Question For Today...Not Tomorrow, 12". 374 total (109 orange crush).
DTAKT122: ANTI-METAFOR - Kommuniké, 12". 380 total (106 swamp green) = SOLD OUT!

UPDATE: All colored vinyls are sold out! There are still those who haven't paid for their orders so we will post all unclaimed copies here on the blog this upcoming Wednesday, October 20th. We take all orders in turn and right now we focus only on packing all so far paid orders. Things take time. We will respond to each and every email as soon as possible. Enjoy a couple of good records while you wait. Patience is the key. Thanks!

* Black vinyl = 145sek
* Colored vinyl = SOLD OUT!
* Bundle (black vinyls) = 725sek
+ shipping

The BUNDLE contains:

- Regular version of all four releases
- D&R slipmat (ltd to 100pcs)
- Release poster
- Prismatic sticker with unique logo by Nicky Rat

We ship worldwide. Labels/distros get in touch for w/s.

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