Friday, September 1, 2023

Updated web shop

It has been a long time since our web shop actually was this up to date. It's a good feeling and a great relief to start getting everything back in order. Making clear progress on all levels.
Now you will be able to find almost the majority of all our releases via our bandcamp, both on vinyl and digital. We've so far found old bangers, lost & found, limited editions, underrated releases and so on. But most of all, loads and loads of top notch d-beat hardcore raw punk bands and sick tracks.

Also dropping a new and exclusive 偏執症者 (Paranoid) merch design. Presales are live between September 1-10. It doesn't matter if you are a T-shirt, Long Sleeve, Crew Neck or Zip Hoodie kind of person. One design, multiple possibilities.

Support the bands we released directly through their own channels first if it's possible. And yes, there will be new releases soon. Stay tuned!

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