Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hail the kings!

I never thought that this record would see the daylight. I guess I was wrong and now it's finally released!
Mailorder edition only available from BLACK SEEDS. Check out their blog for tracklist and further info.

Warvictims participate with "Victims".


fuzzfiend666 said...

Hell fuckin' yeah!!!

I only wish it was on LP but honestly I don't give a damn.

I look forward to this purchase!

Orb said...


fuzzfiend666 said...

+by the way Jocke, thanks for the blog update I wouldn't have had the chance to get the CD if it wasn't for you, man. Cheers!


årre said...

ja jävlar, den där hade jag glömt bort. haha. kul att se att den är ute. får se om det skickas några friex i slutändan.