Friday, March 30, 2012

Unusual Anti Cimex shirt and lack of time

I got this shirt sent like a month ago and due various reasons I have not had the time nor energy to post it until now. One of the rawest Cimex shirts I've seen. Click here to buy other homemade tee's. I wanna thank everyone else that sent me rad stuff the last month too. Haven't forgot you, am just such a douchebag. Forgive me.

As you all might have noticed I have not been that active at this blog nor at the mail lately. I told you before, am not sitting behind a computer screen 24/7. Please respect that! It's not that am ignoring you intentionally, it's just that I have other things to do too. I do have a life, or at least am trying. Haha.
I always answer all mails as soon as I can. No need to send same mail five times in two days, be patient. I hate this stressful society and where we are headed. Take a chill pill, relax and enjoy punk rock music instead. Have a nice weekend, I know I will.

Soundtrack: Zatsuon - Demo

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