Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grundskolan + Infernöh news!

A few weekends ago I recorded a bunch of tracks with this quite new local band called Grundskolan. They got it mixed by Parasit and if you wanna hear what it sounds like,then click HERE. Wanna know em a little bit more? Well, good news cause Invisible Guy is making an interview serie with all bands from the "Hotet från skogarna" project/comp 12". One new band each day until the releaseparty. Nough said, crank it up punkrockers!

INFERNÖH 12" related news; we will maybe have some deluxe packages for sale next week cause a few who made pre-orders don't seems to want em any more. The only bad thing with this is that each and every order was specifically ordered for the person who did the order so you will have to take the sizes that's left.
First press is almost sold out, we're down to the last 20-30 copies or so. Maybe more if some distros don't want their orders. But still there is time to grab a copy, plenty of the second press though.
I will also update with a list of which distros that will have this record next week.

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