Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Infernöh reviews + distro list!

Ikon 1931
(in swedish), SWNK (in english).

Hopefully there will be more to come since we sent a shit load of promo/review cd's. And here's the list of where you can buy the Infernöh 12". Support your local distro:
Sound Pollution (Sweden), Mourningwood (Sweden), Ute av balanse (Norway), Blindead (Sweden), Black Seeds (Malaysia), Shogun (France), SMRT (Sweden), Phobia (Czech), Insane society (Czech), Distro as fuck (Sweden), Feral Ward (Usa), Rsr (Germany), Erste theke tonträger (Germany), Crucificados (Germany), Static Shock (Germany), Soap and spikes (Usa), Havoc (Usa), Nuclear blood (Australia), Live fast die drunk (Australia), Record Shop Base (Japan), Punk & destroy (Japan), Symphony of destruction (France), Skrammel (Sweden), Noise of sweden (Sweden).

You can still order it directly through us!

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