Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Out of order...

I might be the worst businessman ever, I know, but my dedication is one hundred procent for real. It's not that I ignore you all on purpose I just trying to survive the everyday life and right now I'm more or less out of order both physically and mentally. Constantly tired and barely any strength to do anything with no inspiration nor motivation what so ever. Just a confused and blank mind that mix things up.
think it's important to just live without any demands sometimes too.
It was over a week ago I was on the internet and checked my email latest. Sorry. For band related stuff, please find band contact mail if it's urgent.
I really needed/need some time-off from everything. I'm only human, not a machine. I will answer as much as I have time and energy for today and tomorrow then I will go undercover and underground again for a while. Anyone who has paid their pre-orders will obviously get their stuff as soon as I got it all, don't you worry about that. I feel tremendous freedom of not being tied up to the internet and not have to check my email every day, please understand and respect that. I do the best I can. Sex Dwarf and Dropend TP's are approved and will be released in a few weeks. Stay tuned. Thanks for all your support. Now enjoy the summer and play it fucking loud!
//D&R hq

Soundtrack: Iron Maiden - Piece of mind


Anonymous said...

Skönt att höra att du lever iaf. Man blev lite osäker när man inte fått svar på mailen =) Känn bara lugnet och svara i den mån du orkar, så du inte går in i väggen totalt och bränner ut dig.

Take care/Bergman

D-takt & Råpunk said...

jodå än lever liket iaf om än väldigt blurrig och trött. kommer till beställning idag eller imorgon, va så säker. gött att du känner lugnet.

Kristoffer said...

Varit igenom en del sådana perioder själv. Det är fullt förståeligt att du behöver ta det lugnt ibland, och om folk inte kan acceptera och respektera det så kan de ju bara ta och packa och dra. Ta det lugnt, krya på dig och ta tag i den övergödda inboxen när du pallar; inte mer med det.

Bill said...

After your recent mention of illness and hospitalization, I was worried by your time off line. Glad to see you post today. Be well. I look forward to hearing from you.

Rusted Lock said...

Hey mate, I think you need some time off to "sunny" Cyprus, enjoying cold beer by the sea. You're welcome to join me!!!