Friday, November 29, 2013

Two weeks (or longer) of total isolation...

For the first time in my entire life I will pay my family 100% attention and full focus. They have always been suffered by my choices in the past and it's time to begin to prioritize the most important thing in my life for once. Have patience, good things take time, people need to start learning that in this fucked up and stressful society. That it may take some time to get an answer to your emails and orders are nothing new for loyal friends and supporters of D&R, and with time, it feels like that more people have accepted this. It's not news that I have become increasingly disgusted with the internet sphere and its surrounding in recent years. I dont belong here.
I will clean up my inbox this upcoming weekend, expect no response after that. With pleasure will I turn off the computer and have it turned off
for an indefinite period. The Dropend 7" and Mob 47 2x12" re-press will be out in mid december, I'll keep you all posted for sure. Thanks for your understanding. Til next time, up the nature/punx!

Condor and Funeral Mist - Trisagion

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Kristoffer said...

Det där gör du jävligt rätt i! Har aldrig förstått mig på det här med att fläka ut hela sitt privatliv på internet, att vara beroende av att kolla facebook varje halvtimme... Nä, tacka vet jag hederlig ögonkontakt med personer man faktiskt känner, och vill ha kontakt med, istället för konstanta uppdateringar om vad avlägsna släktingar och gamla klasskamrater äter till middag. Jag önskar dig en mycket skön semester utan datorn!