Friday, August 8, 2014

The (end) rise of D&R, part 2

Operation 'save what can be saved'
It’s still too early to say how it will be with all. I along with a bunch of friends have done our best to save what can be saved. Everything is moisture damaged, but more or less. One thing is for sure though, after all your support on only one day, this won’t fucking grind me down! I just want things to go back to normal asap.

I guess I have to swallow my pride for the survival of the label. I believe in what I do and I still want to continue supporting great friends and bands that play distorted hardcore d-beat mangel and who deserve to have their songs pressed on cassette or vinyl.

Damn, I'm not used to this kind of generosity. Not in my wildest dreams had I predicted this. I feel blessed and honored for having such ass-kicking friends and support world wide. I'm touched and truly grateful for all your help so far. I hope that I will somehow be able to give it all back to you some day. Don’t know what else to say but thanks.
Please, don’t feel bad if you cant contribute with money, there is more than enough with just an email of your concern. I feel it is important to point out that money is not everything in life and they are those who have it worse. But I'd be lying if I said it did not help me right now. I lost not only records and merch, but also some things of sentimental value. There is no dineros in the world for that. Your financial support is absolutely amazing and more than welcome. The first thing I will do with some of the cash that has already been received is to buy plastic boxes for all vinyls that have not been destroyed. New dark clouds cover the sky and you can hear thunder in the distance. As it seems there will be more heavy raining this upcoming weekend.

I'm sorry but I decided to delete the video on youtube. I feel humiliated enough as it already is just by receiving your gifts and money. Its been online for almost 24h now and as far as I understand, with +2000views, the message about the devastation has been spread in the best possible way already. Therefore I see no point with that video any more.

Gaki/Konton Crasher started some kind of a fund raiser on "Go Fund Me". It's 100% solid and legit. I have no idea how it works, but what I can tell so it does.

Now I have to rest and gather new strength. Tomorrow is another day. Up the punx, up the nature!
/Jocke D-takt


Mark said...

I get quite teary-eyed to see how people come together to help you out. Some watching the news just to wallow in other people's misery. I understand why you chose to delete the video. D-takt &Ra punk Arise!!!!!!!!

Wolf said...

This is REALLY good news. I would hate to see the best label in the world to end like this. Hang in there Jockie

Anonymous said...

Du ser. Det verkar som att det finns hopp för ditt bolag likväl mänskligheten trots allt.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the punk family pulling together again!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!! I'm In the process of sorting out a benefit gig in Bristol! Good to see you're not giving up mate!

Crusher said...

Really sad story. Best wishes from Germany. Keep the worldwide DIY Spirit allive!!!

Anonymous said...

Hoppas allt fixar sig för dig. :)

Rawmantic Disasters Records said...

SOLIDARITY WEEKEND IN KOMA F/KÖPI august 22nd/23rd confirmed, flyer up to follow soon

no word about how sad it is, only ACTING!!!

berlin hardcore mob

Anonymous said...

Please don´t give up! D-Takt is my favourite label and I know you´ll survive this hell! Best wishes from Germany! Ronny

Kjelli said...

Stay on an rocking the DIY world!!!

DK said...

D-takt och råpunk är en sådan fantastisk kulturgärning, ge inte upp! Vi uppskattar verkligen det du skapar, förvaltar, ger ut och sprider.

Anonymous said...

Håll modet uppe Sylen! Kastade in $50 till dig och det verkar gå stadigt uppåt!